Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sew Deep In My Dreams

I have always wanted to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. I inherited a real old vintage sewing machine but it is still currently at my dad's. I want to restore it some day. Though, my dad gave me a brand new high tech sewing machine/monogram for my birthday. I love it. I have already accomplished making some new items for my bathroom, throw pillows for my couches, an apron and Disney shirt.

In the future I hope to work on making vintage dresses, coats, and shrugs. I have found and received many patterns that are vintage, but many are vintage inspired. Magan helped me find places with really good patterns and I love how cheap some of the patterns were online. She loves to sew and many people have told me that she is really quite good at it. Actually Chris's brother, Frankie, loves her pillows and has several of them and a blanket made by her. I had a real shopping spree with the patterns because of how cheap they were.

Here is a list of the sewing projects I want to do in the future:

  • Silk Pajamas (Way later when I'm getting extremely good at sewing)
  • Snack sandwiches bags
  • Reversible hats
  • Woolen berets
  • Hanger sachets
  • Quiet books for my brothers and anyone else with kids
  • Homemade heating pad
  • Hair straightener and curling iron covers
  • Fleece hats for my younger brothers
  • Flowing skirt
  • Tshirt quilt
  • Pot holders
  • Plastic Bag organizer
  • Pettiskirt
  • Baby quilt for Claudette (her request)
  • Vintage day dresses
  • High waisted shorts
  • Diaper bag
  • Washcloth duckie for Jackjack
I have a few more ideas but I'm sure I'll write about them. There are many websites that I like to look at and get ideas, patterns, and inspiration from. 
  1. Pinterest - I can search for almost any kind of patterns or sewing ideas in general and I find a slew of projects and ideas I want to do.
  2. Martha Stewart - I TiVo her show as well as search her website. I have a found a number of easy sewing projects that I have succeeded at which in itself is amazing. 
  3. Thread Magazine - I don't actually have a subscription to the magazine but I have found some really great ideas and other websites.
  4. So Vintage Patters - Vintage Patterns and ideas

I am wanting a dress form but that will come later. I want to really get into sewing for its another form of art and I love art. I keep all of the artwork my students give me. I keep them in a files for now. I am hoping to become better at sewing so that I can provide clothing for my own family someday as well as putting the skill to use for gifts and people in need. 

Its on my table down stairs for when I use it. I am investing in a table for the extra room in my condo. 

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