Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Not Bieber Fever It's Baby Fever and Couple Fun

Or at least around my family and friends it is. Its not "baby baby baby oooooh" it is more of "baby baby baby n-yess." There are so many in my family and friends that its hard to keep up with who is how many weeks and things; who wants what kind of birth and this and that. Though, I will admit reading this stuff for everyone has peaked my interest in knowing about babies which helps me in the future for when I decide it's time to start a family.
It has really opened my eyes to things that I never thought about having a baby. So many things factor into having a baby and providing for it. What kind of products to buy, what the mother can do to protect her baby even more in the womb, and what kind of medical attention should it receive, etc. Though, one this is for certain about me; that I'm waiting until two rings on my left hand.

And, on that subject, things are even more amazing since I wrote about Chris the last time. Yep, in two days it has gotten even more amazing....
Couples' Bucket List
If you click on World Travel list I have now accomplish number 1 on that side!!! Yes it came true on Tuesday night and also in front of it too. Which makes Chris even more amazing to me. Which after reading this article.....Only one thing was running through my head.... Couple Bucket List..... Sigh. Okay minus the sex side but that can come after I have those two rings. 
I learned something this weekend. I'm no longer a girl. I'm actually a woman at this point. Therefor, I demanding more respect. That's why when someone got up in my face about how Chris couldn't be the way he was it was where I was just naive I slammed it back at them. He might not be perfect, but besides the man that walked across the water during the storm tell me who has been. The best thing is that Chris believes that man walked on the water as well!
With that being said tomorrow will be a month with Chris and like I have said this relationship has already brought so much to my life. I'm hoping to deepen what we have been making a Relationship Bucket List of things we both want to do together. All times of the year so this might be a long list when we are finished.
I am looking forward to seeing where he wants to take the relationship and how to make it grow. I think it will set a standard for us. Standards are set so people can rise above them. 

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