Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ricky Why Can't I Be In the Blog... You Are Lucy!

My actual second date with Chris got a whole new obsession started with me. We themed it up. We went to a drive-in movie (we seen the Avengers) and went to it in Pin-Up Style. He felt the need to tell me this two days before the date. So I had to learn quick how to dress like that and put make up on like that, and let me tell you... I FELL IN LOVE!

One thing when I went to look for hairstyles for that night, I found a Vlog that I just adore! The girl is down to Earth, gorgeous, and is really good at tutorials. When I can get something to look like the video you know she explains it good. Plus, she does videos about her life, cooking (made one of her recipes yesterday) and giveaways. But she is terrific at make-up and hair tutorials! Below is the video that got me hooked and the one I used for that night's hairdo:

The Cherry Doll Face

I have spent many nights just watching the videos on her channel. Like I said I've made a recipe she did. I've made purchases of things she has reviewed. She's really awesome. Plus she is really nice about answering questions and things.

Cherry actually did a collaboration with LisaFreemontStreet. Which I will admit is going to take forever to watch all of her videos unlike Cherry's. LisaFreemontStreet has been on Youtube doing tutorials, recipes, and vintage talk for almost 4 years. So I am still going through her videos. I love her looks and recipes as well. The music on her tutorials is amazing!

I have actually immersed myself in things vintage. I love it now. For my birthday two weeks ago today, my stepmom gave me petticoats in different shapes and lengths because I have so many 50s dresses now. My friend's grandma-ma in Paris sent me vintage patterns because I am learning how to sew and hopefully soon I can sew my own vintage dresses. 

Though its not just clothing and make up. Chris can tell you I'm obsessed with watching I Love Lucy. I love how her style was as well. Everyone is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, I prefer Lucille Ball. I just think she is a real legacy. She had a sexiness about her as well, but she was an amazing actress. 

I have many appliances that aren't exactly vintage. For starters, I have a teapot that I love. A vanity tray, which is perfect for doing my nails. I snagged a heart shaped hot water bottle. A bathtub caddy, I love that for relaxing after a long day, and it has a reading rack. I got a towel warmer and an old perfume bottle with a puff sprayer. 

I begged my dad to let me have his record player and I love it so much. I just love pops and the fact that it spins. Don't ask me why. I'm just weird like that. I have loved on my way home stopping at second hand stores and going through the vinyl collections. I found one deal, 2 records for 25¢. I took them both and turned one into a candy dish. It worked out beautifully. 

I've always been into older music. Glen Miller has my heart. I did have him as my music but too many people said they didn't like it. Guess they weren't meant for that time period.  

I have also love learning how to jitterbug. Awesome dance let me tell you. I have had a crazy time learning how. Along with waltzing, and fox trot. Jukeboxes have also started catching my eyes. Right now I'm not allowed to go into a Waffle House. Everyone keeps telling me I would drive people crazy. I cannot wait for Disney World. Hollywood Studios is going to be my new favorite part. They are going to have to drag me out. I think we get to eat at every place in there and most of them are 50s themed (YAY!) 

Chris has me hooked on this artist; Josh Kelley. I love his music. He does a lot of covers of old things (my favorite being Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It was one of the first songs I ever dance with Chris.) Speaking of old music, Chris came into my life and just astounded me with his Rat Pack obsession. So we met in the middle and we have made use of Michael BublĂ©'s music.  

And this girl scored an awesome blender!!!! Because what kind of vintage girl would I be if I didn't love MILKSHAKES?!?!?! Oh yeah! (But I can also make smoothies.) Speaking of vintage food. I have pretty much stalked out vintage recipes. I love cooking and baking at this point. Some websites that I have been using recently are Grandma's Vintage RecipesRetro Food Recipes, and Vintage Recipes. Most of the things I have made have tasted amazing. 

Now my stepmom knows how much I love vintage now, she gave me some vintage magazines. I haven't had time to browse them yet, and I seriously don't know why I haven't yet. I have managed to land a few vintage posters from my friend's grandma-ma in Paris, France (HOME!!) I don't mind that they are in French where as some people might.

Chris is having a fit to remind everyone that yes I am so vintage, that when we got together, I wear his high school graduation ring on a chain around my neck. The crazy dork has promised me that when it becomes cold that I will get to wear his Letterman jacket from his high school days. Chris even has the old car, and I mean old vintage car. He has a 1968 Stingray Corvette. We love driving around it on some night though most nights we stick to his Benz. 

I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting but I'm sure once I get more into vintage that I will update everyone.

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