Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Its an Elephant

Taken in my bedroom

This was one of the things that I really wanted to learn how to do on my Summer Bucket List.

I really wanted to learn how to do this because Disney Mousekeeping sometimes will create towel animals for you. That's how I became inspired to learn how to do one. At Disney the high of rank your resort is the bigger the animals are, just like everything else at Disney resorts. So I was on half day at work and I really wanted to get the first thing marked off my bucket list. So this is what I did.

Let me explain because I had a few people ask did I use starch in the trunk of the elephant. No I did not. I actually hang my towels, bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths on my balcony on the second floor at the back. I live by myself I use the same towel two days in a row (except my work out towel, I wash it daily.) So I can hang most of my towels outside and it gives them a stiffness to them.

I will admit I had to do the trunk and face several times because I thought I was doing something wrong when in reality I was doing it right but I'm one of those Type A people sometimes. I looked up a tutorial on Youtube for a towel animal. There were a few options but being a former student and a huge fan of the University of Alabama, I went with the elephant. I actually am going to see in the future to make diaper cakes and shapes. My little brothers loved the elephants I made for them, HOWEVER, I bought sticker eyes for theirs instead of using tacts like the videos says to do. Also the one above is my first attempt and you cannot see his ears.

Below is the tutorial that I followed. I will say that you will need to pause it if you are trying to make a towel animal. 

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