Monday, June 18, 2012

Looking Around You Think...

Sure! She's got everything!! Ok I've had some requests to see my beauty collection. Now I didn't get to take pictures of everything in my bathroom as well because I'm doing some work in my bathroom. So there are a few products that will not be shown in the pictures below. That will be a different post soon to come. I would also like to thank Mrs. Hannah for letting me borrow her camera to take the pictures of my bedroom beauty products. So without further ado:

My Go-Everywhere-With-Me Essentials and my roller clips

Toner, Brush, eye-shadows, straightener and make up mirror.

Please excuse my tissues on my basket, Lol
Make- Up drawers, rollers, eye shadow, finger nail polish, handheld fan,contacts holder and clip
Tweezers, measuring tap, NIKE Chip, nail clippers, eye linger, brushes, and sharpener

Clearasil, floss, eye roller, night creams, lip balms

 Many tubes of lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, my contacts holder, and rollers

Make up removers, wisps, more toners, lotions, primers, and though packets are toilet seat covers

My brushes, combs, and clips, and make up sponges and cottonballs

Some of my collection of Nail polish

My entire collection beside my tivo remote. and an Arby bag in the background

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