Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Day Life

Ok so many of my friends have asked what I do and things about my daily life so I'm going to lay out my daily life based on the past two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) and I'm going to give a brief description here and there. This way when you message me, email me, or want to know what I'm doing you'll have a general idea. Now this is a general setting. I have days like tonight is my coupon night. I clip coupons every Thursday night and organize them no matter how late I get in.

I wake up about up around 5:14-5:45 depending on if I have had a shower the night before and plan to work out that night or if I have to get up work-out and still shower.

I let my hair partly air dry, I usually roll the top to give it some lift, and I go make breakfast. I usually do a few yoga moves while waiting for my breakfast to finish cooking. I scroll through while eating breakfast.

I usually dress based on what day it is, how messy the project will be at work, and/or if I have a date. My hair is fixed accordingly the same way. The more I fix my hair in more advance way the quicker I have gotten achieved the results I want. I think wear basic make-up that is usually easy to take off or add to depending on if I have a date or somewhere to go after work.

I double check to make sure everything is unplugged, locked up, and the alarm is set and I'm usually out the door by 6:45. Roughly it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to my work. The extra 5 is because one of my coworkers or myself stop and get coffee every morning for all of us. I'm usually putting on my apron by the time my little clients arrive.

I am an art instructor for a daycare. I love it! Saying I didn't would be a lie. I love my nickname since many and most of them cannot pronounce either of my names (first or last), so I have been dubbed Ms. Who. Side note: The reason I am called this was because for the first week the kids would try to say my name and the other teachers would say "Miss Who?" And my room is decorated in owls so it sort of stuck and I love it.

I have 4 different age groups come through my room every day. I am certified to teach them on daycare basis, but for me I want to expand that but that's a subject of an upcoming blog.

Many of you have noticed that I'm online by normally 12. That's usually because by then my work is through. From then, I go to classrooms when needed. Though, I am dubbed also as the updater and response girl. I respond to emails from the teachers, I update port folios, and I help with annotating.

Around 2 is when recess/outside play takes place. Between the teachers we rotate on who goes outside. If its raining, extreme highs (we are talking it has to be 100 degrees), or extreme lows for them to be able to stay inside and just watch a movie. From there on parents start coming up and picking up the children. I'm usually on my way home by 4:30; on the rare occasion I will sometimes stay until 5.

Now on any day besides Wednesday, I go home and either put supper in the oven or get ready for a date, if I haven't already dressed for it at work. If that is case I get ready based on what he has told me, where we are going or what we are doing. So it takes me roughly about 15-30 minutes. We usually end our dates around 9 or 10 because one of us always has to go home. Then there are the rare days where I go to see my dad and have supper with my dad and his family.

Now if it is a Wednesday I go home refresh and grab my church bag. I am a Wednesday night snack helper but I also participate in a group study for singles my age. There is a group for people that are married and my age, but my relationship is no where near that stage. Now why my boyfriend drives completely out of the way to go to church with me is something I have asked him. And his answered floored me but once again that ties into another blog post in the future soon.

What happens after church, or eating by myself at home depends if I worked out that morning. Usually on Wednesday is no and so after church Chris and I go for a run and talk about what we discussed that night in further detail or plan certain about an upcoming trips. If its any other night, I usually work out in my living room doing pilates or running up and down the stairs from my door to my living room and then up the stairs to my bedroom.

Now I usually cool off from a date or working out by watching about 30 minutes of TiVo. After that I do what I need to do: cutting up coupons, making out a grocery list, planning upcoming blogs, setting up TiVo, reading a magazine article I saved, making a purchase online etc.

By 12 at night everyone I talk to for the most part is asleep or doing their own thing, so I grab a shower and set my hair a certain way if I need to. Here lately its been getting a wet set pin curl to it. And for the next 1 hour or so I blog, watch vintage videos, or sew. Just depends on my mood. Mostly I blog though.

So that's basically my day now there are days when things get upset by some situation or something but I mostly stick to that schedule in some way.

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