Friday, June 8, 2012

Judgement of Life

I am not a perfect person. No one is. Everyone is entitle to their opinion. Therefor no matter where you turn there are people that are going to judge you. Now I hear people who say, "They did it to me, I'm going to do it back." Its not going to work. I guarantee it is not going to work nor will it really make you feel much better. I admit I would love to show some revenge on some people that has tried to bring my life lower. Though I look at now, and I realize I something that most of the people who have done that didn't have something and they were jealous of me.

From the girl that made fun of my accent when I came here. I realize now I shouldn't have changed my accent to fit in. She was probably jealous that I had pictures of Paris all over everything. To the cheerleader that was my cousin and that felt the need to push me out of her life because I wasn't cool enough. We have actually talked about that now, she resented me because she had to live with me. (I know a few jaws just dropped.)

I was raised being Jamie from a Walk To Remember. I didn't smoke pot ever. I never touch a drug that wasn't prescribed to me. People want to know why? Well for starters I wasn't cool enough to be invited. Did it hurt at the time? Yes. Do I regret it now? No. I still have what few people my age have; virtue, morals, and belief. I see so many people faking their beliefs. I'm not talking about the people who are screwing up daily because I do that. But the people who see that they have to live up to expectations and pretend to saved or not saved.

I hate going into churches where you walk in and you feel like the outsider. People are glaring, sneering, and shocked. My youth pastor once told this to us one time when we had a lot new visitor joining us and someone made a scene because they weren't able to sit on their couch.

"A hippie-looking man who parked his car in the church lot one Sunday morning when a man drove behind him and yelled, "You took my place!"
So the man moved his car and went inside in time for coffee fellowship, got a cup and sat a a table. A woman came up and said, "You took my place."
In the sanctuary the man sat down in a pew and sure enough, a man came in shortly and growled at him, "You took my place." 
Etc., etc., etc.
Near the end of the service, the visitor got up and stood before the altar and held out his hands so that everyone could see the nail holes in his palms. 
Then he said, 'I took your place.'"

Quite honestly, that's what everyone says. Its my church, no its God's church. " For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:20. I am not a preacher by any means. I know sometimes it seems like I am because one of my best friends was also a daughter of a fire and brimstone preacher. She and I have had a lot of great talks. I have learned a lot at my father's knee and I am finally using it.

I have people that come to me with questions. Normally I tell them to talk to Genevieve but here lately she sends them back to me. I have been reading and watching a lot of things here lately. Yes gay marriage is wrong by the Bible. Though, you don't pointedly point out a liar, a woman that cheats on her husband, a man that curses in front of his son. Those same people that kill themselves because no one reached out to them. By reaching out I don't mean tell them "God hates you." God hates sins. I've had several parents say well I don't want my daughter/son hanging out with them kind of people. Then its apparent your child can be easily swayed by the Devil's temptation.

We all want attention. Sometimes it seems like God has forgotten us, betrayed us, and let us down. But how many times have we betrayed him, forgotten to thank him for the blessings he gave us, or let him down. "I'll go to church next Sunday, just not today. Oh yeah I just passed all those tests, let me go celebrate by getting drunk. God d*** I hate my family!" But there is a difference between man and God. If someone let you down, betrayed you, and forgot about you, how easily could love that person, how easily could you open your arms to them? That's exactly what God does.

For the people who tell me, "I don't like to be judge." Ok, let me ask you this, then why do you judge others? Let me hit you with another Bible verse. One many people don't know is a Bible verse. Its in class rooms, its one of the first rules kids learn. Luke 6:31 says, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." God is going to judge you. Don't like it? Pray about it. But don't be shocked by the results of that prayer.

I've had people come to me and say "How can I go back after all that I have done?"  Because God isn't man. God forgives, as long as you mean it, and believe it in your heart.

"God didn't give me what I want." Very simple. He has something bigger and better.

Few know my story, few know Genevieve's story but the ones that do are amazed. We don't know why though, we are regular people sinning and repenting every day.

"How can I ask for forgiveness when I have sinned so much?" This is my favorite thing about God (and sometimes the thing I like least) you cannot hide anything from God, he knows everything. Luke 12:7 "The very hairs on your head are numbered..." Just plainly ask him to forgive him of your sins. But in the same time don't forget to give him praise for the blessings, even if its something small like you didn't hit a single red light and weren't late for work. Hehehe yep been there.

I have many more religious posts to go in my days, but this one speaks volumes to me for its something I need to work on myself and the world needs to work on as well. I'm sure this won't be my last post on judgement.

Please take 15 minutes out of your day to watch the clip from below. 

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