Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Mom, Love, and Travel!

Bonjour! Hello again from Paris!
I am still having a fabulous time this weekend/week!

Most of you know that we seen Westlife in concert on Saturday! Then Sunday we went to London! I have been to London before but this time I'm an adult and it was wonderful. We went to Kings Cross. And I got to see Platform 9 3/4 which was exhilarating for me. We enjoyed a few other things and then we departed for Paris the same day! Home for me!

We haven't taken many pictures. I'm the type of a girl to just enjoy something instead of being glued behind my camera. Life is better that way. We had a very interesting time on the plane over here. We watched PS I Love You. Chris also got us each a glass of wine and assorted fruits and cheeses which it was nice because it reminded me of our first date. Afterwards we both fell asleep. I woke up to him leaning over on me. I have to say it was a lot nicer flight to Dublin than to Vancouver. Though that might just be because I hate having to swap planes.

The hotel the first night was cozy. We stayed at the only hotel that wasn't booked up and no I am divulging how much that cost us on here. We stayed at The Gresham Hotel if you really want to be nosy and look. We have a one bed standard room. When I say cozy I mean it. It beautiful and you could tell it was a 4 star hotel. We went to jewelry shops where I bought a few pieces of Celtic jewelry. We had an amazing time buying sweaters. I found amazing fabrics that I'm sure you cannot find in the US! He brought an extra hard case suitcase just for souvenirs that we buy which I think was an amazing idea.

Most of you know that I have never met my mother nor her family except the sister that raised me until she died as well. So I have gotten to know my mother's family here. We have talked about my mother and I have been given some of her belongings. Which is very interesting to see some of the items that she didn't carry with her to the States when she married my dad. They have given me everything I can take with me back home. Which is a pearl necklace. A brush set. A hand muff, which is a family heirloom. A couple pieces of her clothing (REAL PARISIAN VINTAGE!) A picture of her and her siblings.

I finally have pictures of her. Even one of her and my dad with my brothers. Though the only brother I share her with is Jared and he doesn't remember her either. I have been scribbling a letter to him telling him everything that I can remember that they tell me. I have loved some of the stories that they described of her. Though, her mom (my grandmother who I have never met until Sunday) guided me upstairs and handed me a box of books. All of them belonging to my mother. Some are her favorite novels. But there are 5 leather bound books that I have cried over and through....

Her diaries. Apparently my mom loved to write and share her life as much as I do. She left half a diary when she left Paris at 4 months pregnant with me. I now know that because its wrote in her diary. I know where my writing ability comes from now. Its so amazing to actually read something she wrote, to hear her expressed her emotions.

I have showed Chris the place where I grew up. My favorite places to go as a child. I showed him where Disneyland Paris is. He keeps asking me am I alright. I am in a way. I just cannot believe after all these years its him that brings me here and found my family. My dad approves of him and mom's family is amazed that he brought me here and helped find them for me. They thought for sure we were engaged.

Chris speaks volumes to me without ever saying a word. He never pushes anything. The farthest thing he ever speaks about in the future is next week, and sometimes Christmas but that's his favorite holiday and he goes all out for it. He has been the upmost gentleman that I could ever ask for. He learned enough French to be courteous to everyone we meet which totally too me by surprise. I can't help but feel something for him because he isn't over trying to get something trust me he has had plenty of opportunities to mention it or try if he did.

He can take anything plain and turn into something amazing. His creativity is a match for my own and it intrigues me. So yes I am going to admit on 3 days until our one month of going steady that I do like him a lot to admit I'm starting to fall for him. He makes me smile bigger than I normally do. I love his random facts and quotes of the day email. Plus, he doesn't mind letting everything be about me at times. Really and truly he encourages it. Though, we have days where its all about him. Which is fun and exciting for me.

He just amazes me with his intelligence and wit. I was literally bawling my eyes out after watching a video dedicated to Snape and Lily. I love their story so much! I was crying and trying to calm down and looked at Chris and said he was my Snape. He said I was his Lily and he came over and put his hands on my face and said, "Just don't ever find James." I was Niagra Falls after that. I guess that's what gets me with Chris. He is so intelligent even when he is being flirtatious and charming.

We are staying at an incredible hotel right now too. Its wonderful being back here. I will always cherish this trip no matter what happens in my future. I'm writing this in the park leaned up against Chris with the wind encircling us and cloudy overcast giving the us a perfect outside day. 

I will be back home in the states tomorrow. Tomorrow's post will be a bit tricky so I may not be posting on tomorrow since we will be up in the air most of the day. 

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