Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've had many family and friends tell me I need to write about this subject since I started this blog and some before I started the blog. Yes the subject is very dear to me and is really important to me.

So let me tell you all the whole story for once. Yes I've known Christopher Rasbrowen about 3 years now. I met him back in December 2009 (trust me that plays a part in the blog later on). He was talking to my family and friends. We were introduced through friends and family of ours. I thought he was cute. He had defiant stature about him. He was very confident and yeah he can be cocky.

But skip forward 2 years and a few months later to the Jimmy John's in Guntersville, AL. That's where the craziness starts. I was in Guntersville to get away from the craziness of the city and get something to eat. I was eating my usual, outside on the patio, doing my lesson plans and I happen to glance as I hear a sigh come from someone who is sitting two tables from me. Now many guys have had that hair cut, you know it was really big during the 4th Harry Potter movie. I cleared my throat so hopefully he would look up and I would get a good look up at his face.

I smiled when I confirmed that it was him and I waved at him. He tilted his head and smiled back and I motioned for him to come sit with me. And the rest is history......

Ok I'm not that mean because many have been dying to know what exactly was said that night. Now I don't remember exactly but I will try the best of my mind to remember how the conversation went. I know he sat down and I asked him how he was. And he gave me the typical man answer. "Fine." Now men yes I am blonde but I am not stupid, or at least not that stupid. I can read body language. When you are hunched over, and your food has barely been touched don't tell me you are fine. So I did my usual 'stare-right-into-your-eyes-so-you-trust-me" deal.

He came clean with everything that was bothering him and you could clearly tell that he was starting to feel better because suddenly the sandwich was gone and the bag of chips was a crumbled ball. We talked about everything dealing with him for a long time. We sat at that table for hours talking from the things bothering to why I wanted off on my own. It was extremely late and it was going to take me at least 30 minutes to get home. I had already told him bye and that I needed to get home. He stopped me at my car and asked if he could make up taking up my time by taking me out to a picnic sometime in the following week.

Not going to lie part me soared the other part (the shy part) screamed NO! I asked told him under 2 conditions. He looked a little nervous, but smiled and said ok. I told him 1) Don't expect sex at the end of it. 2) To not rape me. He didn't laugh which impressed me. He nodded and said he understood. It hit me sitting there at a red light maybe 5 minutes later, I just sat there listening to this amazing guy, that is so far out of my league, poor his heart out to me and he asked to take ME out. Would I let him? What would people think?

Then something rose up inside me. I remember a week prior someone saying I didn't have relationship skills. There is something about putting a woman down. She either gets upset or gets revenge. What's worse is when its both. And so two days later, when Chris asked what day would be good for the picnic, I told him Tuesday. For those of you who are going, "So what? Big deal." I was 22 and never had a real boyfriend, never been on a real date, and never been kissed. I was scared and wanting any advice that anyone had to give. I spent hours pouring over what I should wear, how to fix my hair, and what make up should I wear.

I was terribly excited and nervous. I even bought a whole outfit, went to the salon, and spent a ton of money on things to help me look the part. And looking back I don't regret one thing from that night. We had the perfect picnic that nobody could dream of and even if it had rained he was prepared. He was so calm and gentle and we sat there talking and eating. We danced to his iPod, in the middle of the woods on a mountain, over looking a lake, with candle light and lanterns. And we were dancing to Elvis nonetheless.

The first date was incredible, I won't lie it was like he got it from my mind or something. I figured ok big deal so we went out and he let me brag about it but he doesn't really have an interest in me. He had bought me flowers and kissed my cheek. He was being a gentleman. But we got back to my car and he asked me out for that very Friday. But it would be before that I would see him. He posted on my Facebook to go running with him and I agreed. But that Friday was a blast. I fell in love with vintage, hairspray and drive-ins.

We have had several dates together. Some planned, some unplanned. He helps me complete my Bucket Lists. He always brings me flowers no matter how long we are together. He will always stick out in my mind no matter what happens in our futures. He recreated the date from A Walk To Remember, where he fulfills her bucket list. He was teaching me how to waltz in a park after pushing me on the swings. He dipped me while dancing and after helping me up, he was really gentle. He barely brushed my cheek with his hand and I couldn't help but to lean in. With his hands  placed respectfully on my neck and on my back we kissed. I swear I don't remember breathing for the next 5 minutes. I don't remember anything but those brown eyes staring into mine after we stopped kissing. So once again I thought he had reached his limit of how amazing he could be, but no. So I have quit trying to measure it.

He planned the best theme birthday surprise ever. It was completely Harry Potter. He talked my dad into dressing up like Dumbledore and everything from the food to the acceptance letter to Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom. He gave me a charm bracelet which brings back to us meeting for the first time. I had briefly mention to my best friend that I wanted a charm bracelet since I was a little girl and Chris remembered that and he bought me a Blue Nile charm bracelet. That and he asked me to go steady with him.

I write this with his high school ring around my neck on a chain. I know its old fashion, but that's how I am and he understands and doesn't try to change me. He respects me and would rather cut off his finger than not listen to me. I will give him so many props for listening to me, especially when I go on one of my rants about my past situations.

He understands that I have morals and they are not going to waver. He understands and respects them completely. I'm sitting in my bed crying, because it seems like God has finally answered my prayers about being alone in this world. I'm not saying Chris and I will last for all time, but if we do (I will shout it from a mountain top) I will be singing praises to God. I already do that but it will be extra big.  Well this weekend holds something promising for Chris and me. We are heading to Atlanta to see the Braves, the Cabbage Patch Hospital, and shopping. He got two rooms that connect, oh and just to prove he is amazing. He still asked my daddy even though I don't live with my daddy!

Go Braves Ohhhhh ohhhhhhh ohohhhhhhhh ;) 

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