Friday, June 29, 2012

Teaching with The Manual

I was interviewed by my pastor a week or so ago. I was called into his office before church that Wednesday night. Part of the meeting was to discuss Vacation Bible school. I'll be teaching arts and crafts at church too now or for that week I will be. He gave me instructions on how to ask for supplies and things like that. We prayed about my teachings with in the arts and crafts rotation. 

Then he said he wanted to talk to me about something very important. He said he had heard my views on subjects in the class I participate in on Wednesday night and he wanted to know would I be willing to teach Sunday school in the fall to the age groups of 10-12. I wouldn't be alone. He said he had heard my views on relationships and how well I backed up what I preached. I was slightly taken back I didn't realize that people listened to what I had to say that closely.

I asked him why did my relationship views matter to children that age. I am naive about somethings going on in the world. He brought out fact sheets and several articles. I had only heard of one girl at the age of 11 being pregnant and having a baby, but its actually not completely uncommon now. It breaks my heart. He said that if they were planted a small seed at that age there would be hope. He told me to take the material home and think about it.

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness" - 2 Timothy 3:16 
Its been almost three weeks now. I read through many of the stories, researched, and prayed. I'm sure God has put this in my life to test me. I've already read 3 books that have really stood out to me and I think will help me. People say big deal you are talking to a bunch of kids that's heard it all before, but I'm telling you plant that seed and it sticks with the child. Will they always do the right thing? No. But it gives them a small voice and reminder that when they do stray from the path God is in-front of them saying "Come on, I haven't forgotten about you."

"The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned." - 1 Corinthians 2:14

So I took the leap the Wednesday before I to go abroud and told him I accepted under 3 conditions. I wanted 3 Sunday School meetings before the summer was over, I wanted bulletin announcements about Sunday School lessons, and I wanted community outreach. He looked at me quite shocked and finally broke out into a grin and said this was the reason he wanted me on board.

Kids hold a special place in my heart. I love seeing the sparkle and the furrow brows when trying to understand something. People forget even Jesus wanted the little ones around him.

Jesus however said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them; for it is to those who are childlike that the Kingdom of the Heavens belongs." — Matthew 19:14

People for get that middle school age kids aren't little adults. With technology today, it may seem that way but let them stay kids. Kids get excited about things that are creative, and take imagination.

My main goal is to keep the kids interested and wanting them to come back to Sunday School to learn. You know those sneaky games that are fun but help you learn at the same time? That's exactly what I want to come from my lessons. Plus I want the kids to realize that this is where they belong with others that believe.

"Let us think about each other and help each other to show love and do good deeds.25 You should not stay away from the church meetings, as some are doing, but you should meet together and encourage each other. Do this even more as you see the day coming." - Hebrews 10:24-25

 I reiterate in almost every religious post that I do that I am not perfect. I never claim that am. Do I ever have a perfect day where I don't think of something at least lusty, negative, mean? Never. I make mistakes. Though, unlike human man My Heaven Father forgives me for what I do during the day because I believe that he sent his son to die for us on the cross. 

I try to glorify him as much I can. Do I succeed at that? Not hardly. I'm real. I'm upfront about me. I had someone ask me who I plan to vote for honestly I have no idea. The Lord will guide me when it times to think about that. I do not agree with a lot of the ways Christians handle things. They want to point the blame on the other person. We have to take responsibility ourselves.

I had a friend tell me that she (and I hope she doesn't mind me telling this!) was sitting in church while the pastor made fun of a rape victim. Saying how she probably deserved it. I'm sorry but let that have been one of his family members that had been raped and it would have a different story. Same way with people who look down on people trying to come back from porn addictions and doing porn themselves. 

I have a VERY close friend who speaks for The Pink Cross Foundation. Some say she hasn't changed, she's just saying that. Like I said we all stumble. We have the devil tempting us with the things we want, not the things we need. Learning your armor of God takes time and determination. I'll speak on that subject later.

This is why I decided that I needed to teach the kids the real ways of the life and not sugarcoat what God has for them and what the devil will tempt them with to lead them astray. This is what I was meant to do. I know there will be times when the devil will creep up behind and me say you can't do this. But you know what? I'm prepared with my response: "You're right I can't...alone. But I got God on my side."

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