Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teaching A Lesson

So I have to finish everything on my Summer Bucket List by August 22. I will be attending UAHuntsville in the fall. I've decided to not continue my new college major at U of A. Everything about U of A was great, but I want to continue my education in a new direction. My job over the summer has made me realize that I can teach my passion and get even more out of doing something I love.

I could return to Tuscaloosa in the fall. However, I like where I live in Huntsville. It's really where I began to find myself and moving to Tuscaloosa, again, wouldn't feel right. I'll still visit a lot because I do love it down there. Huntsville, has been home to me for a while and I know a lot about it and here recently I've gotten more involved in the community.

It was not an easy decision. But I have prayed, and thought really hard about it. I finally visited the campus, walked around, grabbed those brochures that hardly anyone picks up, and talked to two people about the school. I made the decision and applied for admissions. I was accepted and my scholarship and credits have been transferred. I also have another scholarship since I have helped out with this summer program.

I am changing my major to education. Elementary education and P-12 Certification at that. I already have a major in art so the P-12 certification will not be that difficult to achieve. The reason I am changing is because the business world is not right for me. I believe that education will help me strengthen me and help me devote my time to what truly need attention in the world. Expression of young lives. I realize there will be set guidelines on what to teach, but I'm hoping that I can help someone else really achieve their dreams.

I'm not naive and thinking everything will go smoothly. I know there will be students that are in bad moods, have bad days, and will stop at nothing until they have ruined a class. I will be prepared for that. There is this little tug telling me this is what I need to do.

Many things for school to start back has a set date. For instance, I'm a transferring student and my orientation is July 18 4-8pm. After that there is a movie on the lawn which I think I might attend. Ms. Susan Gill and I have an appointment before and after orientation because I want to make certain I have a few things right before I go to orientation and I am sure I will have a few questions after orientation.

I already know there is a college group that meets. Someone of the ones in my church group on Wednesday attend there as well. So I will have a few familiar faces to help me around campus. Also, I started reading the Campus Crusade for Christ director's blog. I love her blog. She's really down to Earth and for that I'm really excited.

I have a feeling God knows that if I went back to Tuscaloosa, my priorities mine get jumbled again. He nor I want that. I want to remain living my life for him. He has brought me this far in life why not praise him? I'm excitably nervous. I'm looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me. I know with affirmed faith in the Lord I can overcome anything.


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