Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Victoria's Secret Fashion Tape

I am not one for wearing scoop or V neck shirts. I really hate shirts that when I am wearing them they droop down and suddenly when I lean over you can see everything underneath my shirt. Especially my summer clothes are like that and I really hate that because I love flowing shirts just one problem they like to slide down. It helps with a tank top underneath but its not always flattering. I finally remembered I had some tape from my senior prom where I was wanting the dress to stay stuck with me. I was amazed at this tape! I've recently tried another brand but I must say I still love Victoria's Secret brand a lot more.

You get 36 for $10.
Easy to use:
  • Start with a clean, dry surface
  • Press one side of tape firmly onto skin or fabric
  • Remove backing on other side and press fabric firmly into desired position.

I recommend these to anyone. I love being able to go about my day not worrying if I'm showing to much or not. The tape works really well with all kind of fabric. I highly recommended it. Double-Sided Stylist-Tape

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