Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm backkkkk! Plus: Review: Google Power Search

Hello! Bonjour! Aloha!
I am back from Disney World and Universal Studios! I had a fabulous time while I was gone. I'll write and blog about the gritty details later along with some pictures from the trip.

It is Sunday. I know I did not blog throughout my trip like I promised, but a lot of unexpected surprises happened during the trip and my time was very much consumed.

Anyhow you should know that I love to learn. I love pushing myself to knew limits of knowledge and wisdom all the time. Yes, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. That topic is for another blog, however.

I signed up for Google Power Search Course on a whim. I was Googling something and I happened to come across an offer to join their course on how to search Google like a pro. I was a little hesitate to sign up for it since the assignments were due right after I returned from vacation and some of the classes would be posted while I was on vacation.

I am sure glad I went ahead and pushed myself! I learned so much from the courses. Some of the tips and tricks I already knew from much time spent on the Internet. I had been wondering here lately about searching for something without certain other phrases and words popping up with it as well. That was definitely my big lesson that I learned.

I finished the course (all the activities and assignments) in a day. I'm not bragging. For a person that doesn't use Google a lot it will take a couple of days (when they open it back up) because you have to get used to your surroundings of the search engine. I have several friends who rely on Bing and Yahoo! and I just stare at them. "WHY?" I just cannot fathom using anything other than Google now.

I love all Google products. I want to try out their computer and tablet to see how I like them. I constantly checking to see what products that they come out with on a weekly basis. If Google ever goes out of business I'm a going to be lost. I guess I will have to rely on Microsoft.

If Google offers this course again I will definitely recommend it.


Just.A.Girl.Tryin said...

Interesting read. I will have to check it out, if they offer it again. Glad you had a great trip to Disney!

Odette Molyneux said...

Thanks @Just.A.Girl.Tryin I hope everything went well with your mom this morning.