Monday, October 22, 2012

Vampire Beauty.... Or Ugly?

Welcome to Vampire Week here on Decoding Odette.... Enjoy!

We all know that Stephanie Meyer turn vampires into something pretty. However, vampire features are not always gorgeous. Step back and thinks for a second would you really like having vampire beauty flaws? Not really once you think of them in a daily concept it's not a pretty picture.

Do you really like having big dark circles under eyes? Nope. So make sure to use eye make-up remover before going to bed to wash off mascara and eyeliner. Getting plenty of rest can also help from getting the look of not sleeping for years. Also getting a good vitamin supplement will help reduce that as well. Because a stated fact is now coming full circle that dark circles under eyes add to your age worse than wrinkles and grey hair. Alcohol can also cause dark circles for lack of nutrients and lack of sleep. Allergies play a role in dark circles under your eyes. Eating well is another way to improve discoloration around the eyes. Nasal congestion can also cause dark circles to appear. Examine your smoking habit and decide to quit. Smoking causes vascular (blood vessel) problems that can not only threaten your life, but also make your blood vessels appear more prominent and bluer.

Pale skin is ok. But seriously too pale is just gross. I do not tan well at all, therefore, I am quite pasty white. However, I do not hide from the sun. I love a nice subtle glow. I also don't try to darken my face with dark blush because that makes your face look boney. Last thing you want a beauty day is to make your face look sunken. Embrace the sun a smidgen. SPF 15 is now in most really good beauty products. So stop lurking in the shadows. I promise you won't turn into dust. Also add some bronzing and shimmer to your face. (Twilight isn't completely bad, shimmering is a good thing.)

Do not be so vile, just smile. Honestly, smiling actually improves your mood. A study in psychology showed students that watched a funny video clip laughed and thought the clip was a lot more hilarious with a pin in their mouth sideways than the students that didn't have an object forcing them to smile. It's a reflex in our body (except people with autism and other special needs) to smile when we are smiled at by someone. I love that in humans. So smile, it increases your face value. I hate people who don't smile in their pictures trying to look sexy or whatever. You look stupid and mean.

Thirsty? Blood hungry? You can solve that gleam in your eye quite easily. Proven fact that people who eat are much more content than people who haven't ate. So please on behalf of the civilized world that has to deal with you eat. And for those of you thinking the world is just a rotten cruel place. Remember we aren't here for happiness. We are here to praise God and for Him to bring us back home. So, smile, complain less, and give God the glory. Things can always be worse and if you think they can't message me. I'll give you a whole set of problems you haven't thought of just yet. 

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