Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Linen Handkerchief

Just love Alabama weather... Not. One day it's in the 80s and then in the next 3 days it doesn't get out of the 40s barely. Oh well I LOVE the cold weather. I love shivering a whole more than sweating. Plus, the decorations, smells, clothes, and the television.

Hallmark is showing the Christmas movie preview this weekend!!! I am so excited for that. It's more modern movies, but I can handle that. It still Christmas movies. I like older Christmas movies that my mom loved. I've been reading her journals that she kept during Decembers and I have fallen in love somethings she wrote about during her life. If she had of lived people might say we were twins.

My mother had a strong desire for etiquette and old ways to remain. I don't believe my mother nor I will get our wish for that. Manners are a dying art. Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt are some of my favorite role models. Emily Post I absolutely love. I love the story of her and her husband when she made her debut. I smile at it. I have spent much time here in the last months pouring over her website. The Official Emily Post Website is filled information on etiquette. Trust me I keep a lint roller with me at all times.

Yes I have strict table manners. If a 32 piece table set was before me for a elegant dinner I would know how to use it. I pride myself on that these days. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated  to Etiquette. I wish people would realize how foolish they look when acting like they have no manners. It's not a pretty sight. Plus, my boss actually told me that I wasn't completely what she was looking for in an employee, but that my interview skills and manners stood out to her. I guess I do intrigue people.

Being around people with manners help a lot too. I cringe when people around me act like they don't have the sense got God gave goose. Sure every now and then and on certain events. I like for there to be some maturity in things. Especially in dressing and carrying yourself. I literally shudder when I see girls that wear jeans that slope down when they sit down. There are ways of fixing that and/or avoiding it.

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