Saturday, October 13, 2012

What the Future Holds?

I love dreaming about the future. Everyone talks about my busy schedule. God and I work together on my schedule. I pray to him about my schedule all the time. I go to God with everything. I will be worrying about something that I shouldn't be and I stop myself tell God that I need him.

The thing is I also love the present. I look forward to everyday. I have sorrows. Every person does, but things are different when you realize just how awesome it is to be alive. I have so many young teenagers tell me that they don't make anyone's day. Sometimes that problem lies within ourselves. Even if you don't feel like it smile and help someone else out. It will put a smile on your face and theirs too hopefully.

I try to be an upbeat person, but there are those who criticize me for that because "nobody can be that happy." I break down, but I quickly remember as I look around at what else God has given me. I'm wearing clothes, eating food, spending time with my friends, able to read my favorite books, receiving a higher education, breathing, living in a house, cherishing my family, and serving my Lord without prosecution. If those aren't blessings you need to check yourself and your priorities. If those aren't your priorities then that's why you feel like you aren't worth something.

Every month I take two days to myself. One of those I clean my house and reorganize everything. Things are put back in proper places and my house shines and smells incredible. The other day is for me. I start out by spending a whole hour or two reading the Bible. I proceed to get a bath. I go all out for a bath with bubbles, salt, fizzes, confetti, candles, special soaps and sponges. I put my towels in the dryer and fix the portable DVD player with a movie. Normally I take a glass of wine with me and just relax and enjoy the bath and the movie. These bathes aren't like my detox bathes ones a week. I let my hair go for the day and buff and clean my nails and toe nails.

Those are the days I love. Those moments when all I think about are me. I'm not a selfish person except those days. Those two days are it for me during each month. It's a chance to really think about everything but not HAVE to think about anything if I don't want to think about it.

So with that being said God and I have special surprise in honor of Halloween October 22 - 28 will be Vampire week and October 29- November 4 will be Zombie Week here on Decoding Odette. Yes, even the religious posts will be on those subjects. You can thank my preacher for that. :)

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Just.A.Girl.Tryin said...

Oh My, I am so jealous! Currently, I live on the back of an old farm. The small house I live in has only a stand up shower :( I live for bathes. My first apartment in college was a 100 year old bathroom had a bear claw tub. What an amazing bath that was. Wish I truly embraced it while I had it. My boyfriend told me if we ever build a house/remodel a house i can have my bear claw tub. <3 I think it is impoartant to take time to yourself. When I was in that apartment I wasnt able to take a whole day to myself, so a time or two a week I would get my ipod set, some bubbles, a candle, glass of wine and my school notes and just soke. miss those times..I cant wait to have a bathtub again...even if it is just a regualar one. take care