Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crismon Tide

Happy Alabama Homecoming 2012

Today is the homecoming for the University of Alabama! I was a student here a year ago and I remember how I hated all the noise and people. Now I am part of the noise and crowd of people. I came here last night for the bonfire and pep rally.
Got up at 5 this morning to get our bundled up butts to stake out a good spot to tailgate and to watch the parade. I am in charge of Esme and Ariel while Gene and everyone else set everything up to tailgate and to watch the parade. I am have had the awesome job of keeping up with the gang's kids. Which has been a lot fun. We have danced, sang, face painted, made origami, and I taught them the Alabama cheers. Of course the LSU and Auburn section of our group wasn't up for that hey I do what I can.

The parade this year is suppose to be wild and huge. I'm excited about that! The kids are all excited to watch the floats and get ready for the game. I'm very excited because my guy should be here soon from his retreat and get here just in time for the parade. I know one thing that has made my day is Gene's littlest one, Esme. She is the sweetest little girl and adorable at that. She has clung to me all day. She is just two and is so sweet and polite.

We are finishing out Vampire Week with a book review that I have been promising for two months now tomorrow. Also tomorrow is Bridgitte's baby shower. Which is theme Halloween/Nightmare Before Christmas/Rockstar. Ridge, Gene and I have all been working on it. It will be held at Mrs. Ray's house (Travis' mom's house) and the gang is invited. Bridgitte didn't want a lot of people. She was satisfied with the gang. I really cannot believe that they should be here in 7 weeks!!! I swear it was just like yesterday when it was 7 MONTHS! Now we are down to just 7 weeks. Also Claire's shower is coming up very soon. Maddy, Viv, and Claudette showers are in late November. It's so crazy. It's baby central! I love it.

Sorry today I have baby fever thanks to Esme. Her little, warm chubby cheeks and big blue eyes. Those sweet little hands is what really gets me. The dependency when she is grabbing my hand is what pulled my heart. Which gets me even more ready for Jackjack to come home! But for now I am going to enjoy baby central here in Tuscaloosa! Roll Tide!

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