Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Over Everywhere

For Vampire Week part of my personal post will be about Vampires and the rest is my usual.

I did not do the whole Vampire Craze with everyone else. I read Twilight series, The Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods, and THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE aka SOUTHERN VAMPIRE SERIES. To me, however, many times I couldn't picture them as vampires but rather just normal and quite honestly I think that's what's wrong with people and vampires now. They can't decipher real and fiction. I personally would rather Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles before reading Twilight again. I did like the Southern Vampire series that sparked True Blood on HBO. However, I love the books but I cannot stand the tv. They added so much that is not in the books.

So that is my vampire rant.

This week has been incredibly hectic and it's only Tuesday. I had a midterm yesterday, not mention normal classes. Also, I was worried about last night's dance class. (Though, it went over without a mess up!) I have to get everything ready for Bridgitte's baby shower which is Sunday in Birmingham. (More on that later) I am also getting ready things ready for Christmas. Any person that organizes know that right is when you get things started for Christmas. I am member of the Christmas Cantata, Christmas Play,  Christmas Nativity, and Christmas Cheerful Carolers. The Christmas Cantata is the where the choirs of the church form together and sing 10 songs that go into each song without stopping. The Christmas Play is the contemporary Christmas play that tells the real meaning of Christmas. The Christmas Nativity is the traditional story of the Mary, Joseph, and the wise men and shepherds. The Christmas Cheerful Carolers is actually my idea and my main project. The kids, teens, and adults are going to make all types of gift baskets, donations baskets, and we are going to bring Christmas Cheer to hospitals, retirement homes, and centers.

Not to mention I have things to do with Jackjack getting to come home for Christmas! Then there are 4 other baby showers that I am sooooooooo excited about to see! Then getting ready for finals at school. Plus dance practice, getting things ready for the week of Thanksgiving because my grandmother from Paris is coming. Plus, getting Christmas shopping done and out of the way (I have started on that though!) Plus, I have tickets to go see Jim Brickman's holiday special. And I snagged tickets to go on the train ride for...... THE POLAR EXPRESS!!!!! Wearing pajamas in public and drinking hot chocolate and meeting Santa?!?!?! HELLO!!! TOTALLY ME!!!! Plus I am going to go Dickens Christmas events, and tree lightings. Of course I'm also preparing for December 2013 when I will be in Disney World. So I am all over the place right now.

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