Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Things

I have a lot going on, but I have center in my life. God. At times it may seem like I have a different center, but I will knock whatever is trying obstruct my view of God out of my way. Is it easy? No, not always, but God is the one who gives me peace.

Jackjack is doing great. He is starting to pick back up some energy. He's slightly confused that his mom hasn't come to see him. That has me slightly worried. Last week she committed suicide for those of you who don't know. My stepmom was found dead in a hotel not far from the hospital where my one year old brother is fighting cancer. I have been devastated, angry, and confused. How could she take her own life knowing she had sons all under the age of 13 and daughter of 22 with a baby on the way? Everyone keeps saying she hated the responsibility of being a mom. It burns me up. How can you be that selfish? Was it really to just get attention? These questions may never be answered and I accept that. I'm mature enough to accept that.

Work is fabulous. I love going to work. I enjoy the conversations I hear between small children. It makes me realize how my problems really aren't that big. It brings simplicity to my life. I love the many cards I get. The situation of when Mrs. Who's (that's me) boyfriend comes in and makes his wallet catch on fire (he has a joke wallet) and the kids just love him. And Mr. Chris just loves them. We are doing all sorts of fall arts and crafts. I also do artsy food on Friday and they love that!

Mr. Chris? Well he is doing just fine. We did run into a slight problem yesterday. He got to thinking about his past and how he still treats a certain friend. It really had him down. Then our date was cut short because he had a slight stomach bug. We worked on both problems and he is back to being his normal self. We have really enjoyed our new finds of records We love the songs "Do What Lovers Do" by The Channels, "Stay" by the Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, and "Play a Love Song" by The Jaguars. The last one we have danced to in his living room with the lights dimmed and drinking wine and the fire crackling. 

Me? Well I'm enjoying life. I've decorated for fall and Halloween. I'm loving this cold weather! It makes me just feel like I've been cooped up in a hole all summer and I pretty much have been for a while. I'm on my porch as much as I can be now. I love talking and hanging out with all of my friends too. I have friends that vary with their personalities. I love it though. Some friends I get to see and others I don't but will get to see soon. 

For now though, I'm heading to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed. Enjoy your Tuesday night, or whatever night you are reading this on.


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