Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vampire Fears

Vampires have really taken over with the media (Zombies are the talk of reality though.) But as for fantasies it's really about vampires. For instance you can actually buy a wig that looks like Edward Cullen's hair now at Walmart for a costume. To me it honestly seems like Vampires haven taken over. From television shows, books, movies (HELLO Abraham Lincoln a Vampire Slayer and yes I know it's a book too), they have inched  their way into everything including tomorrow's religion post so be sure to check back and no I'm not going to bash Twilight or True Blood.

Today has been interesting for me. For starters, I'm under the weather slightly. I'm slightly cranky and some of my "I actually care" mode is off. Is that a good enough excuse? Well not really, but my medicine hasn't kick in yet. Work has been great with the kids. All of them are talking about Halloween, their Halloween Party, and their costumes.

We have children with all sorts in our program. We treat each child the same, we go to all lengths. We have a child that is allergic to eggs and we have been all over Huntsville and Pinterest coming up with ideas for Halloween (and other holidays) treats that do not involve eggs. We have autism children and diabetic. We go all out for the kids because not only is it our job. We love theses children. We actually spend more hours of the week with the childrens then their parents do. Think about it. We have these children from 7 in the morning and some of them stay until 6 at night! Then they go home eat, get a bath, and go to bed by 9 or 10. So we are all these kids have at time.

This Halloween is a great thing because we are trying to teach not only to face their fears, but to help others face theirs. It's the greatest things to see them helping each other. The day before Halloween we will see a boggart in the classroom. The children have wrote down what their worst fears are and we are going to help them face their fears. It's an interesting concept that my co-workers came up with while watching Harry Potter. I will let you know on Tuesday how it went. For now I must bid you good night. I had class tonight and I honestly haven't had the best of nights.

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