Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Kiki's Delivery Service

I have always loved Halloween! When I was little every year for Halloween I wanted to be a witch. I never cared for being a princess or an angel. However, there was the year I went as Sindell from Mortal Kombat and I was in the 4th grade. I have always loved magic.

Kiki's Delivery Service was one of my favorites growing up. Daddy bought by accident for me. My mother and her sister (also my first stepmom) had taped the 80s television series of Little Women. It was a Japanese company that had produce the series and daddy picked Kiki's Delivery Service thinking it was part of the series, but it wasn't. (By the way this is how my manga and anime obsession started.)

I love this movie so much that as an adult I had to buy it on DVD. Kristen Dunst is the voice of the main character, Kiki. She is a witch and she has to leave her home and learn to have witches' skills. Her cat, Jiji, joins her on the adventure. She discovers that she only really knows how to fly and even that she cannot do well. She creates a delivery business with a friend who gives her shelter.

Kiki is lost in a large city and gets discouraged by some local teens her own age. However, this one boy, Tombo, finds her and her ability to fly interesting. He loves to fly and is trying to build a device with will allow him to fly. However, caught up in trying to make everyone else happy, Kiki losing her ability to fly and talk to her cat Jiji. Through a friend named Ursula she discovered  that she needs to remember to look inside herself and not what's on the outside and not to depend on others.

I will not spoil the ending for those of you who have never seen this movie. I love it and it will always be a favorite in my heart. I also love the credits song. Sydney Forest sings I'm Gonna Fly which is a really great song about pushing yourself.

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Just.A.Girl.Tryin said...

I am not into anime, but several friends of mine are. Your decription does sound interesting, so I will have to watch it. Take care