Monday, October 29, 2012

He did the what? THE MONSTER MASH!!!!

So many of you might not know that I am a goal oriented person. I build small goals to my big goals. Are there bumps in the road? Yep but that's where the fun is in life.

So, you all know I run at least 10 miles a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Also three nights out of the week I spend learning to ballroom dance after I get out of class at night. Then I also pole dance session at least once a week and a gym workout at once every two weeks. I like to challenge myself to push myself more and more. Which is why I am also talked to my trainer about gymnastics to limber me up even more.

I love the burn of muscles and the tone sculpted body. What people don't realize is how I multitask to get all of this in. Pole dancing I do while watching my recorded shows from the week. Running I listen to lectures and plan blogs. Gym workout I'm usually reading something while lifting weights or doing push ups. Plus I throw in small workouts throughout my day. I purposely take the stairs when I can. I park far away from the building.

People are constantly asking me how I keep a smile on face, how I have so much energy, and how I find so much time. Well the first one realizes on the last two. I love creating experiences. I look at each problem as a way to grow. Exercise and being active releases endorphins and it will certainly flow through you. As far as to how do I find time. Well I love having things to do. Even if I just have 4 hours at home I love it!

So I encourage everyone to stay active. Find something you want to try or do and go for it! I love gymnastics, dancing, running, and pole dancing, If you have injuries I highly recommend yoga. It will build your core and from there you can the build up the rest.

My Southern Roots are blarin' this week! I love my URBAN COWBOY!!!!!! Why? Because playing Just Dance with him is amazing!!!

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