Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: Escaping the Vampire

Desperate for the Immortal Hero

Ask the person in your life or yourself,
If you knew that there was a true hero who could offer you a lasting escape from whatever it is that you're running from- a hero who would walk with you, protect your life, lead you forward, hold you close, and make you strong-wouldn't want him to desperately search for you and rescue you?*

Are you a parent concerned about your daughter obsession with vampires or Twilight? Are you a fan of Twilight and wanting to have a Christian opinion? This book is definitely the answer. It answers many questions that arise with Twilight Saga and being a Christian. It's a great book for a girl that is single and wondering what to look for in everything.

Kimberly Powers, the author of Escaping the Vampire, was wondering why so many girls in her groups were obsessed with Twilight. She did what any good worship leader should do. She put herself in their shoes and not only watch the movies, but the read the books as well. She then did plenty of research for helping girls understand what they need to about vampires.

She explains everything in 3 different units. They are then broken down into chapters. Within in each chapter there are Bible verses, information and moments where she stops writing and tells you to Just Breathe. These moments are her way of getting you to think about what God has for you. It helps you connect not only with what she is saying, but also what God wants you to think about as well.

This first part is called Illusion Shattered. The first part describes how how only God can give what you desire from the vampires. It also talks about how you need God instead of a desire for vampires and the image that they bring. Soul Redeemed is the second part of the book. It talks about what you can do to seek God. Why certain guys are attractive to certain girls. What you are subconsciously looking for in a relationship. And how your relationship with your Heavenly father and earthly  father affects your own romantic relationship. The final part is called Mystery Embraced. This final part of the book is all about living for God. The love that God has for you.

I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. The only reason it didn't give a complete 5 stars is because I feel like it could have given more Bible verses. Hopefully in the future she can do a whole Bible Study on this subject.

*Escaping the Vampire Preface, pg 9

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