Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Halloween

I should be doing some school work, but I'll finish it soon. It's easy that's why I put it off until the last second. My cousin and I went to Target yesterday. I wanted to get a few things before the trip. I was struck when an idea while pouring over the Halloween items.

I love Halloween. Jeez I can hear the gasping and I haven't even published this yet. Yes, this die hard Christian girl loves Halloween. I am not all about gore and scaring people. A little scary is fine, but to the point where people have hysterics, no. Nor do I believe in pulling extreme mean jokes and pranks on people. I think it might be the teacher in me that loves watching the little ones dress up.

My idea is I'm going to do treat bags a little differently. "Oh no she is going to put Bible verses in the treat bags." Lol no. I'm putting other things beside candy in the bags this year. I am going to put a few Christian like things in there because I'll be making Trunk or Treat bags. But I think I'm only going to do half candy and half other things to use. But not Halloween things because that always irked me. Oh Halloween erasers on Halloween, still using them at Christmas.

But my big surprise is I'm going to make Jackjack a huge Halloween basket. I'm going to make the rest of my brothers one as well. But Jackjack's is going to have things he can play with while at the hospital. So that will be my gift for him!

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