Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking Past the Bad

Ok so this past Labor Day weekend was full of adventures. I can't stop smiling if I wanted to right now. Even with everything else weighing on me, I'm not letting it get me down.

First, Alabama slammed Michigan. Cowboy Stadium was incredible. Erica and Constance got to tour the locker rooms (including the cheerleader one.) It was very cool. We had a blast night. We stayed up until 4:30 a.m. talking and having a blast. From Esme needed Rockabye Esme to Ridge grinding on Maddy. It was an awesome ride in the RV. I honestly felt like I was in a band on a tour bus. Sad I know but it was super cool to me.

Recreational Vehicle we were in was one of the largest ones you can buy and it used to be Chris's grandfathers. He was always big into going to all of the Alabama football games in a RV and tailgating so Chris is going to pursue the tradition. We enjoyed the trip in it so I'm hoping there is a lot more trips to come in it.

Second, I received news that Chris and I are going to be going to the Holy Lands at the end of winter! I'll post more on that later, though. I'll go into detail and everything on Saturday. We had signed up for it back in July and I had almost forgotten about it. We will be gone for two weeks. I'm super excited about doing such a rare thing.

The reason we weren't sure was because there was a lot of turmoil about being healthy enough. You have to have good insurance, money to pay for it, and be able to get the required medical exams. Chris and I are cleared and daddy is going to pay for half of it. Honestly, going to Disney World is more expensive but I would have no idea how to get around Israel so to me its an once in a Lifetime opportunity.

Third, I got to see my Jackjack! Seeing him was amazing. He was super sleepy. He was covered in tubes and was laying there in nothing but his diaper that they couldn't even close because of all of the tubing. Dad assured me that some of the tubing would eventually be removed me. He sat up and gave me hugs and even took his pacifier out to give me kisses.

I had bought him some pajamas and onsie that said "Don't Mess with Texas." He was so sleepy so he just held my hand the entire time I was there. Dad caught me off guard asking wasn't my friend Glimmer a beauty pageant winner. My dad knowing any of my friends names is astonishing. I nodded wondering if I should be shaking my head. He said she was dressed like Belle in the children's activity center. Sure enough it was her. I thought it was really awesome that she would do that.

And finally, Chris gave me a huge shock. I was exhausted when I got home from seeing Jackjack. Chris forced me to get ready. Blindfolded me and put me in the car and drove a very short distance. He picked me up out of the car. I'm skeptical at this point because he made me get dressed up, blindfolded me and we had drove a very short distance. Then I heard him ring a doorbell. I went straight stiff. I was slightly embarrassed and almost furious because I had no idea who's house we would be at when I would open my eyes.

The door opened, but I didn't hear any voices or anything. Chris carried me in which was embarrassing me even more and I started to grumble about that under my breath. Then he put me on my feet. Which just for information tip to other guys don't let your girl wear heels and blindfold her. She was most defiantly fall. I was gripped onto Chris thankfully. He took off my blindfold. I was staying in a huge living room. It was gorgeous. I turned to Chris and asked whose house it was....

"Mine," was the word that rolled off his tongue. I went wide eyed. "What? When? How? Oh my God." Was what was rolling off my tongue. Sure enough Chris now only lives 15 minutes from my house. I was amazed. He had bought a house. It's a new subdivision called Nature Way. It's huge and just enough land. The house has 5 bedrooms, 4 and half baths, fireplaces, basement, slant attic, circular staircase in the foyer, gameroom, dining room, study, breakfast nook, kitchen, living room, 2 car garage, screened back porch with swing, mini apartment over garage and family room.

I walked around forever. Just let me say this because I know when Chris reads this he will bust out laughing, but the living room reminded me of the ballroom in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The windows go up the entire wall and there is a chandelier. I was so amazed and was giddy with excitement. Chris has a lot of plans for it. His brothers helped him get it because of another surprise they have in mind. So things are going to be amazing around here a lot.

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