Friday, September 14, 2012

All of God's People Series: Week 1

There are many different people in God's world. I'm not a Christian who think that the Big Bang Theory couldn't have happen, I believe God could have made the Big Bang happen! So yes there are different ways of looking at people. The nonbelievers, the almost, just got save, been saved a while, and preacher of God's words are how I view people. I'm starting off my series of God's people with a person that is close to being saved.

The following is the interview with Maria:

September 13, 2012
10:09 PM – 10:52 PM

1) What has you compelling to be a Christian?
I know the life I am living isn't right, it's almost deadly.
2) How do you feel like you are different from people who are saved?
People who are saved just have this amazing outlook on life.
3) How do reply when someone asks you about your beliefs?
The answer is always different. It can range from my beliefs are none of your concern to I don't believe in anything.
4) Do you think your beliefs impacts all relationships you have? Why or why not?
It can either be positive or negative impact. In my relationship it at first was negative and the cause of many arguements and debates, now it's turning positive.
5) How do you feel like the Christians around you are helping you reach the decision to get saved?
By saying how God is full of grace and love
6) How are they making you second guess the decision?
Some Christians have this overbearing tendency to force feed people their religion
7) What is one thing you want to accomplish when you do become a Christian?
To show people that not all Christians are hypocrites and bigots.
8) With Christianity always being questioned how do you plan on taking a stand for Christianity?
By standing my ground no matter what I am up against.
9) Many people thinking about getting saved has a favorite Bible verse? If you do what is it?
I actually have two. Psalm 34:18 and 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
10) When do you believe you will become a Christian?
I believe I will feel when the time is right

You can find Maria's blog at Phoenix Desire.

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