Monday, September 10, 2012

Not Floo Powder, Flu Shot

We just got home from Disney. I'm sitting here in the living room with my suitcases all over the floor. Yes I had a fabulous time. It was so much fun. However, I was disgruntled that we didn't go to see WwofHp (Wizarding World of Harry Potter) but I will survive because I get to go twice in less than a month now!

Ok I know it's Monday and that means health, beauty, or fitness. I know a lot of you like the skin blogs and those will return. I think a lot of people enjoy beauty blogs and I want to be set apart for the things that I do.

My health tip for you today is: Get your flu shot!

I'm not joking. Do you realize if nobody got their flu everyone would get the flu because then no one would be immune to it. Why did I get mine? Well several reasons.

Reason number one for me getting a flu shot was I am going to be doing a lot of traveling the rest of the year. I do not want to be susceptible to getting the flu and therefor not able to continue travelling. I have so many plans for the reason of the year and I do not like being sick. Also I am a huge germaphobe anyhow so I'm like number in stocking up on hand sanitizer.

Reason number two is because I want to be able to see Jackjack all the time and whenever I want. Not three weeks after getting over flu or something. I highly recommend getting a flu shot if you have children around. Since not only am I a student but I also teach preschool children and so I'm surrounded by germs on a daily basis and I want to stay healthy while the germ months kick up.

The third reason has to do with the fact that the flu can turn very serious. According to Prevent Influenza's official website influenza is the 8th leading cause of death among people of all ages. Also flu worsens all chronic problems and therefor problems rise up even more.

Fourth reason it doesn't hurt at all and I'm very terrified of long needles. Yes my boyfriend works for the pharmacy and made fun of me because I was shaking like a leaf and chalk white when going to get it. I was also on the verge of hurling while thinking about it. If you are nervous be upfront with them. I had mine given to me by a pharmacist that I go to all the time for my medicine and health questions. I only bled a tiny bit whereas Mr. Chris didn't bleed at all. Neither of us had an allergic reaction and only a slight soreness.

Fifth and final reason, I didn't want to gamble with my own health, family and friends health. I don't like missing school, work, church, or vacations. I also like grocery shopping and feeling like I have a barrier to the flu germs that will surround me.

I encourage everyone to get vaccinated. If you are unsure of where to go visit AAFFA's website (click the link) and it will tell where flu shots are available or if it's allergies or the flu shot.

Floo Powder? Take a handful toss in fire and shout clearly "Walgreens!" or "CVS!" Trust me I trust either of them.

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