Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Go For the Gold this Month!!!!

Chili's Grill & Bar began its Create a Pepper to Fight Childhood Cancer promotion for St. Jude in 2002 in its Memphis-area restaurants. For me back then cancer was all the same. By the time it reached our Chili's in Alabama during our break before school started I just always thought it was leukemia. I've become a lot wiser and knowledgeable about cancers and the different kinds.

My first dose of cancer in my life started with mother of my stepmom I have now. All I heard was she had colon cancer. I realized then when trying to understand what was going on then that there were several kinds. Aurora, came into my life as a friend and family and she had always had cancer. She has been fighting it all of her life. Before I knew him personally Chris had to battle cancer. Now here I am with it as close to me as it ever has been. My tiny baby brother, Jackjack, suffers from Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

So we are in the first week of September which actually is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I have never made this a big deal before because honestly I wasn't aware of it. I colored the pepper at Chili's but I never put much thought into where the donation was going. This time when I make my pepper look like Harry Potter I will be dedicating it to Jackjack. And Chris has said that he will be drawing the Incredibles Logo on his.

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Be sure to Create Your Pepper and Donate!

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