Monday, September 17, 2012

Needs More Color

Today has been a day, but I started this blog with the determination in mind. I am not going to slack on the blogging too much. I care about my blog way too much to do that. I'm sorry that they are coming at night now. I will really work on posting blogs.

So part of my problem for not posting blogs? Polyvore. Yes, I spend hours on end working with a color wheel creating outfits that I will probably never wear or come close to wearing with the exception of the things I buy while making the outfits which a lot of people's mouth drop when I say that, but I have a budget that I have for myself if I can afford it I'm going to buy it.

I want to share with you a few of my creations:

Caramel Apple

Dark Fairy


Misa by obdmssv3le featuring asos

Cherry on Top For ME

My Kind of Woman - Erica


Red Rose

Red Rose by obdmssv3le featuring nyx

Minnie Me

Bridgitte's Lounge Wear

Brown Owl

Pink Run

Mrs. Oohrah

Pinkboo Gray

Bridgitte's A7X


Black Widow

Perfect Fall Afternoon

American Mcgee's Alice

American Mcgee's Alice by obdmssv3le featuring shoulder handbags

I love doing outfits. I love requests from certain events, to personalities, to characters and even lyrics. I like challenges with this. Even I'm amazed by what I'm able to come up with when people ask for certain things. It's been a lot of fun for me. I really enjoy doing the requests. Please feel free to send me requests. 

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