Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's You

The quote above is completely true. You never know when you smile at a stranger that it changes their whole day, but it may have done just that. A simple innocent sandwich from Jimmy John's changed my life. Because of a taste factor my life was changed.

I can't get over the fact of how much my life has changed since Chris came into it. I know some of how his life changed since I came into his. We aren't dependent; we might be distraught if something happen to the other one. I have full trust in him. It's a wonderful thing knowing that he knows so many of my flaws yet he still loves me and doesn't make crude fun of me.

My first kiss was him. It was one for the books. Seriously, I had many people tell me it was too perfect. I'm sorry I waited 22 years for it, so it was suppose to be amazing. However, I remember the movie clip going through my head the days before it:

Have I made out with him yet? Nope. Have I "French" kissed him? You bet. I love his kisses that start with his hand on my cheek. I thank God every day for giving me such a special man. Not a boy, guy, but a man. He is intelligent enough to speak on his own. He is so funny that he can literally make anyone laugh or at least smile. He can cook and clean. He has his low points. 

He hates anime and manga. He is stubborn. They are small things because honestly. I embrace his things that gets on my nerves. If he was perfect it would be completely boring. I like that he makes fun of me about the little things, gives me challenges, and pushes me harder than I would myself.

There's a laugh in my eyes 
There's a waltz in my walk 
And it's been such a long time 
Since there was hope in my talk 
If you never knew 
What it is that's new.. it's you 

'Cause when your hands are in mine 
You set a fire that everyone can see 
And it's burning away 
Every bad memory 
To tell you the truth 
If it's something new.. baby it's you
- "It's You" Westlife

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