Friday, September 21, 2012

All of God's People Series: Week 2

This week's part of the series is going to be slightly different. I did an interview with a person that isn't saved and doesn't plan to be (or maybe one day far off.) When I was younger I thought anyone with tattoo and dressed differently didn't believe in Jesus. That's so far off from the truth especially since I myself have tattoos and people dressed nice are huge nonbeliever, just like our person of interest this week, Mary Ann Parker.

September 21, 2012
11:25a.m.- 12:48 p.m.

What beliefs do you have?
"I do not feel like I have any beliefs. I just have been exposed to many religions in past. I've lived all over North America and I never went to church."
How do Christians make you feel?
"Most Christians don't bother me. A lot of them automatically think I'm all for gay marriages, opposing prayer in school, etc., but when in reality I'm strongly oppose to gay marriages. I've done my research on gay marriage. It doesn't make sense at all."
What are your views on Christian values and morals?
"I believe that they have good values. I'm a nonbeliever, but I believe sex until marriage is great because I think it gives the marriage something extra special instead of just two people being together. I think if more people quit just giving their virginity away to people that they would be a lot happier once they were married and sometimes even before or if they get married."
Do you feel Christians really walk the talk that they talk?
"I love how they do missionaries and are willing to help all kinds of people the ones that are true to their word. It's inspiring to read some Christian publications on inspiring stories. I think people don't give Christians the same respect they do other religions because they know Christians have a God that can take over everything."
So you do believe there is a God?
"Wow, well, hm, I guess I do."
How do you feel like Christians don't do what they preach?
"I think a lot of Christians that are hypocrites are just the ones that say they are Christians and aren't really Christians at all. However, I do know even Christians make mistakes and that is one of the things I do like about that religion is it has strict guidelines and has consequences and forgiveness."
How do you feel like Christians have consequences?
"Because God punished people back then, why wouldn't he now? I don't think that God is Santa by any means at all."
Have you ever thought about becoming a Christian?
"Not really. I've never really went to church except for a few times in my life. However, my ears and eyes are being opened these days."
What makes you believed before that there wasn't anything?
"I tried the whole Wicca thing and that's just a huge joke. I just quit believing anything because I just didn't feel like there was anything for me. Like I said though I'm seeing the truth these days."
What do you feel like you would get out of Christianity?
"Because Christians know they have a purpose. True Christians cope with stress better than any group I've seen. Knowing that no where I'm at I have someone that I can turn to and can talk to in times of need and happy times. I think people dwell on the fact that Christians are just happy go lucky ignoring the problems in the world when really they have to deal with those people plus other problems. I guess I am starting to consider being a Christian." 
So sitting here you have really thought about becoming a Christian?
"Yes, I wasn't expecting this either. I went to church last Sunday and Wednesday night. But I have a lot of questions. Some I know I just have to accept and go with in faith. However, I'm already feeling better."
That's really great. Do you have anything you want to add for other non believers or even Christians who do believe?
"For the non believers, there is something out there nothing just happens. For Christians, I'm going to be slightly selfish and ask for prayers as I begin to become like you. Thank you."

I had no idea that this would happen or what would go on. I caught her completely off guard with this interview. She was not happy at the beginning, but by the end she was laughing and had a genuine smile on her face. It was great interview. She will be taking over the Decoding Odette tumblr which can be found at Decoding Odette Tumblr.

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