Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shed What was Left of Our Summer Skin

Miss Who (that's me) is decorating her classroom today and ditching the summer things. I have a huge tote containing autumn things that is just busting to get out. I'm one of those people that if you tell me the fall and winter depress you I look at you in disgust. Trust me this is the time of the year that I love and I blossom during it. Unlike summer time when I come in to hide from bugs and the summer heat. You find me out a lot more and even taking more evening strolls. I love the colors. I love winter and fall colors.

Today is the 13th and I meant to get on here on the 11th but with just getting back from Disney, cleaning, work, and school. That just didn't happen with how busy I was that day. Rest assured that day has major meaning for me that day as well. Even if America did verbal attack the French community after that. I remember sitting at the table and father calling us into the living room to watch what was happening. I am still in amazement about that. I do not care what conspiracies are brought forth that is still sad what happened to those poor people trapped in those buildings. I do not think I will ever forget that.

Speaking of French, my cousin is moving in with for a little while. So my accent has returned times 10 and I'm using outlandish phrases that Americans very rarely use. She has recently been let go of her job and is looking for something more challenging anyhow. She has had a few minor setbacks, but she has gotten through them. It's been interesting having her around to talk about things and share things. It is not a permanent set up with her living with me. She wants her own space. She is, however, moving to Huntsville.

School is going great. I'm slightly worried about the work I will miss while going to Disney but I think I can pull it off and not worry about it. I like the atmosphere of our college. It is no where near as uniformed like the University of Alabama, but I am still prideful. I haven't exactly gotten used to the colors yet but I'm warming up to them. I love all of my classes except one and I find it very boring and useless. I have been using Microsoft Word for over 10 years and yet I'm having to learn how to save a Document and close Word? That's the only let down. On the upside I have classes that I love as well. My procedures class is amazing. I love the learning and templates we are acquiring from that class. As for my electronic booking class, I adore it! However, I do not adore the timing of the class. The professor is incredibly sweet and understanding.

Chris and I got our questions for counseling and we have went over them. It has been very interesting some of the questions. We have found out so much about each other on so many different levels. Questions have been asked that I never would have thought about because of their complexity. So it is not only beneficial; it is also very fun and interesting.

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