Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sick and Tired

**Warning** Strong views on this subject if you disagree please don't bother commenting, if you agree and want to tell me go ahead a comment. I've been thinking about these decisions since I was young and they aren't going to change. Also when I say child (2-18)

I have had the urge to be a mother since I was just a baby myself. I had so many baby dolls it on the point of pathetic. The thing is my dolls were not like the some other little girls' dolls. My dolls could be bad and they were punished. No I did not beat my dolls, but they were spanked. Just like I was and I am not ashamed to say it.

I am a pro spank. I do believe however that there is a way you should do it. I do not agree with child abuse and do not start telling me that it is. If the child believes it is ok to hit people because you are spanking them then there is some hitting going on elsewhere in their lives. I never once thought it was okay to hit someone.

I was spanked a lot as a child. I wanted to do what my brothers did. I thought it was awesome to climb trees even when dad told me not to climb them. And let us not forget the time I thought it was so cool that I climb the hay bale trying to chase after Jared. I do not resent my dad for spanking me for those things at all. It was a consequence.

It amazes me how America claims it was started to get away from Government telling them what to do about church and here 200 and 300 years later they are doing the same thing to their own country. "Allow gay marriage." "You do not have the right to spank you kids." I'm sorry, but if the people back in 1700s heard this they would be screaming witchcraft at all of us. I don't blame them.

I'm tired of parents giving in to their kids. "Oh his mother walked out on us that's why he acts the way he does." No the real reason is he wants your attention and guidance dummy. "Well it's just a phase." Yeah it's a phase that won't end unless you put your foot down. "I raised them better than that they wouldn't do that." Apparently you didn't because they are telling everyone but you and the people in charge that they did it. "His teacher isn't teaching him right. I never see him crack open a book." Well duh you are too busy at work and/or you don't make him study at home like he should. Open your eyes parents. You think the world is turning into such an awful place you can change it by starting with your own kids.

Stop living like granted all sorts of freedom to your child will help rectify that you felt like you were enclosed as a child. I realize you want to be the cool parent, but what a child really wants is love. Just saying I love you and buying things doesn't get it. Rules and consequences will be what really sticks out in their head because it shows that with all that is going on in your own life you care.

If your child messes up do not stop loving them. Yes crack the rules down further. Do not compare them with a sibling or friend because that does hurt and brings down self esteem. A child has to realize right and wrong. I see the same problem with my stepmom and dad. They give in to my oldest brother so much because they don't want to deal with his tantrums.

He is twelve years old. I do not allow that crap when he is with me. I meant business with him. I might have been mean sissy afterwards but he respects me now and talks to me like a human being and not his slave. I know he reads my blogs and I know for a fact he doesn't care that I'm putting this out there because 1) It is my own right. He is the minor. Yes he is a human being with feelings, but I am not shaming him for this. 2) He knows he deserves it. His own reaction to when I put him in his place? He hugged me.

Parents stop thinking your children are little innocent angels. They aren't and they won't be unless you teach them wrong from right. That goes back to you, not church leaders or school teachers, you! What you do you child will do.

I never knew my mom. Did that justify me not getting to my butt spanked? No it didn't. If anything it should have furthered it so I can make her proud. I want to make her proud and being a spoil brat that gets in trouble all the time and nothing happens.She would not be happy if my dad beat me for nothing though. So it does balance out. I do not fear my dad at all. I love him for spanking my butt as a child. If you do not feel loved after that then they either did it wrong or you are just close minded to understand.

Also if you feel like you need to work 2 jobs, spend outrageous amounts on clothes, and material things and you cannot afford a child do the whole world a favor and close your legs and don't have any. I get so sick of hearing "I'm having to work 2 jobs because his dad is a good for nothing that never comes around." 1) That problem could have been solved with you a long time ago. A relationship takes time. A baby will not help things in many cases it makes then worse on the relationship. So many times couples don't talk about having children. Well they talk about having them with all the sweetness and happiness they don't talk about budgeting or how to disciple a child. And if there is a conflict they just shrug it off but then they have sex and you can shrug it off when the child is actually in the world. Close your legs or make role model decisions.

On an ending note. I do plan to spank my children if they need it. I'm sure like most children they will from time to time. Please do not try to persuade me it won't do you any good. Below is a perfect example I'm sure we have all seen and heard where a child needs a spanking.

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