Friday, September 7, 2012


Since the interviews have been set back a week. I want to go on small Christian soapbox. I am sick and tired of Christians SUPPORTING gays! You cannot do it! Yes you can love them. However, as a TRUE Christian your job is not to be like "Oh God will accept you into the kingdom of Heaven no matter who you love." No that is not how it works. Those people are sinning. Just like people who murder, steal, have affairs, and are lying. I find it soooooo amazing at how people get all up in arms about not having guns in homes, but will be ok with LGBT group.

Trust me I can argue my point until I'm blue in the face and I don't care because I will it will be the other person to say "I don't want to talk about this anymore," or "whatever, believe what you want." I will. You can bet your life on that. People think being a Christian is about having a perfect pain free life. If anything we get ridiculed and go through worse because the Devil doesn't want us to succeed as being Christians.

I have had first hand experience with dealing with someone that is gay in my family, twice at that. They are both living heterosexual lives now and speaking out AGAINST LGBT groups. My own brother and cousin thought their happiness was what matter. No, their soul is what truly matters. We are not in this life for happiness and people need realize that. We are in this world to do God's will. Sooner people realize that the better off everyone will be. I never turned my back on my family. I love them both with my whole heart.

My stand on Chikfila? I eat there three times a week now. I bought 20 chicken sandwiches on that Wednesday. Why? Because it takes a hen and rooster to make a chicken. Not a hen and hen. Or a rooster and rooster. I go into Hobby Lobby twice a week! I have wrote to TV programming to knock television shows off the network.

I guess what started this soapbox today was something I saw on Pinterest. It burned me up so bad. I was in my train station pulling out mood as my coworkers call it when I get fired up about something.
What does Leviticus not being a Gospel have to do with anything? God wants you to obey the ENTIRE Bible not just the new Testament! IT IS STILL A SIN!!!!!!!!! Yeah we are suppose to love LGBT but that does not mean you SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It is not hurting you." In that case, "Ok then smarty pants then your lover cheating on you won't hurt either." I don't want to see it. Then they shoot back by saying they don't want to see our Christian ways. Well guess what if things keep going the way they are then they probably won't and that's just sad and pathetic. Ok off soapbox. Check back next week for interviews.