Saturday, June 14, 2014

Plan All On Me I Showed Up with My EC and Ruined Your Chaotic Mess

Cause I got plans perfectly organized.

June 12th was a magical day for me! I ordered my fourth Erin Condren Planner. This is was, however, the biggest and largest order I had ever made from Erin. 

I love her planners for many different reasons:

  • Very organized.
  • Functional
  • Adapt to any life style.
  • Colorful
  • Spacious
  • Fun
  • Stylish
New reasons to love her planner:

  • New designs
  • Changeable covers
  • Extras included
  • Better shipping 

People wonder what in the world I keep up with in my planner. What I used to use it for was things like this from this post two years ago located HERE.

What I plan on using my new upcoming planner are these things:

  • Jackjack - Between his milestones, his appointments (we are still in remission stages), play dates, and his schooling (yes we are starting already.)
  • Wedding - We are still having our huge wedding where everyone can see the joy of us coming together as one family. We are still doing all the bells and whistles and I have to keep track of that.
  • Ovulation - In August things are changing for me. My husband and I will start TTC and I couldn't be happier. I am going to keep up with things that deal with ovulation and health in that respect.
  • Pregnancy - At the bottom you will see a neat product +Jessica  found for us soon to be mothers with an EC LP. But this will also help me keep track of symptoms and when I felt them. Also midwife meetings and when to have conferences with them.
  • Work - Between the daycare (I do have the EC Lesson Planner) appointments with parents and vendors but also my blog appointments. I take my jobs very seriously.
  • Projects - I love to sew, knit, scrapbook, and craft different things. I like to do a couple a month this will help keep track of what I am doing that particular month.
  • Meals - Again +Jessica found something amazing for meal planning. I am like +Hunter  wondering how hard it would be to make our own inserts?
  • Vacations - Even though many of our vacations are spontaneous, there are many that are planned out as well. So that will help me drastically.
  • Bills - Come on. This will really help me. Especially knowing that my HP stamps will fit in the back.
  • Exercise and Fitness - Hydration, vitamins, work outs, weights and milestones.
  • Beauty - Just different things about make-up and different fashion ideas.

A few things I am picking up this time for extra for my planners:

Harry Potter 7 Inspired "Always" Deathly Hallows  - Omg this is going to go amazingly with my gold ring planner! 

Assorted Washi Tape - These will not be the only ones I purchase. I want HP looking washi tape and of course Disney.

Daily Planning Sheet - Woodland Creatures Design - Not a 100% I am going to use this or not but it is cute.

Cleaning Schedule / To Do List Rainbow Laminated Insert for Erin Condren  - I no longer have cleaning binders like +Genevieve and +Hunter. This will be fantastic for me!

Stickers of all kinds of course.

Different stamps.

SOHO Splatter Effect Weekender Bag - Yes with the exception of shopping I want my planner to have it's own bag for the most part. I am still trying to find a good place to keep it in my purse. 

Weekly Pregnancy Stickers  - These are the stickers Jessica found for pregnancy! These are so cute and everything.

Wedding Planner Calendar Stickers - Again perfect for the wedding plans everything.

I bought the white and gold with the gold plated coil and extra month calendar. I bought two other covers, pen holder, extra stickers and extra elastic bands.

That is pretty much it for the EC LP with me. I will do post when I get it as well. I am so excited. Let me know if you got a planner or thinking of purchasing one for yourself.

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