Saturday, June 14, 2014

What Would You Do?

If Chris walked away from your right now what would you do?

I can easily say I would let him. I have told him from day one if walks away I am not chasing him. I will be crushed but I have so much to live for in my life to end it. I am not going to beg like a lot of people would or scream. If a person tries to walk away from you why beg and scream? That just means they are going to be miserable or forced into liking something they don't like.

I can honestly say it would be a while before I would date again, if I did. I think I would eventually. I have realized that I am worth having. So I do believe I would date again. 

However, this blog was written after someone asked me this question. The likely event of this actually happening is slim to none. We have had plenty of counseling and have endless plans. Our lives are entwined with the grace of God. We got this. We have each other and God.

Besides we are each other's new dream.

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