Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 26: Love Potion #9

Even in the books before the movies came out I was obsessed with the man that loathed Harry. I wanted to hurt people because to me even in the books Snape stood out. Who knows, maybe it was his long greasy hair or his sneer that drew me in.

I even loved him when he was so mean to Harry. Maybe it was my love for bad guys that seemed like that they had a soft side. And soft side he had. I was a complete mess when Death Hallows came out. I was working at Books A Million in Huntsville then and I remember I sat in the park by myself and cried my heart out. I read that entire book in one day. 

My love for Snape exploded. I felt so distraught when he passed on. I hated that she killed him. I was mad. Then I realized he was with Lily. What did it matter what I thought? He was with the person he loved forever and of course, Always.

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