Monday, June 9, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 25: Letters


I love reading over your journals. I now have them everywhere I go since I have scan them and they now on my iBooks. I only wish I had gotten to know you in real life. My heart twists knowing that you died giving me life. Your excited about getting married floored me because it was like reading my own thoughts. I love reading your pregnancy journal. Seeing the other names you came up with for me makes me laugh. You were so excited about being pregnant and being a mom.


We have not always agreed on everything but what parent and child does? I have respected you and you have respected me where most parents do not. You realized that I was strong and smart enough to handle myself. You instilled love, faith, hope and kindness in me. You gave me the foundation of a Godly life and I thank you so much.

We won't agree on everything in coming years and even things now. Just remember that I love you. Thank you for giving me away to the most amazing man and giving me the tiny blessing that stole my heart as well. You are an amazing man yourself. I am truly blessed at the positive impact you had on my life. So many girls complain or cannot say that about their daddy. You on the other hand make me proud to say I am daddy's little girl.

My Girls:

+Maria , +Mary Ann , +Hunter, +Jessica, +Lillian, Hannah Lombardi, and +Carolina; All of you have inspired me in each your own ways. I feel like I can conquer the world with the support and resources you each give me. The impact each of you have made on my life makes feel like I am the woman God wants me to be as I sit here writing this. I feel as though the inspiration you all give makes sense now at where I am in my life.


You started out in my life as my final sibling. I held you a lot when you were first born because your biological mother suffered from postpartum depression so bad she didn't even want to look at you. From the beginning she thought of giving you up for adoption. And now I gladly hold you in my arms at night. I fall in love with your smile, your giggle, you whimpers, and your voice every day. You made me a mommy. My heart clenches when you are in danger or are sick. Seeing you look at me admiringly and then look at Chris like that makes me realize why all the hard spots in my life were placed where they were because I cherish those moments.


My other half. The only person to really see me at my worst and my best and totally fall in love with both. The person that calls to me spiritually, physically, emotionally  and soulfully. I never realized that not only would you become so important but also that you would become my best friend. I hold nothing back from you. You impacted every single faucet of my life. You build me up. You test and tempted me. You challenge me. You nurture me. You care for me. Protect me. But most of all you love me. I am always proud to say that I have never thought of leaving you and you tell me all the time there has never been a second that you have thought about leaving. How many couple doubt their relationships? I am not saying that's a bad thing because for many it's a way to show how strong their relationship is in most situation. Sometimes the pity factor gets in or the old "we've been through so much."

We have gave it our all since the very first date. I will always look back on those days and cherish the innocence they held. They showed us in our growing and learning stages of innocence. We will always been in a stage of growing and learning of something. Whether it be career, marriage, or parenting we are going to be learning and growing together. I love you so much and I thank you and the good Lord above for both loving me. 

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