Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 29: Polypropylene

Yes this is a play off of Hunter's.

Mrs.Winthrop was peeking out of her window again. She still enjoyed watching her neighbors even after getting to know them on a more personal note.

There was the newest newlywed couple: The lanky model looking guy and his bombshell pin up voluptuous looking bride had two little ones. One was a newborn and the other was a kindergartner who was wild. She may have been 5 but she was going on 20. They were both pretty laid back but they had their moments like any good couple. They had a lot of spunk in them. His bride was not a quiet one at night when the children weren't home. Mrs.Winthrop just laughed when she saw the children go stay with someone else. She knew to sleep with the TV playing that night.

Then the couple that couldn't keep their clothes on for money. The blonde was very hyper most of the time. And being naked and hyper at the same time caused for a lot of jiggling and shaking of body parts. This made the blonde's husband very happy. It's hard to hide the hard happiness of man when he isn't wearing clothes. Mrs.Winthrop would usually discourage this kind of behavior unless they were part of a nudist colony but that couple was always so bubbly she couldn't help but laugh at the situation. She just always remembers to give them sunblock for special occasions.

There was also the couple that made Mrs. Winthrop invest in a better broom and vacuum cleaner. This couple was very cheerful as well. The reason she had invested in the top of the line broom and vacuum cleaner because this couple would have made Hanzel and Gretel jealous. This couple always leaves a trail of glitter and cookie crumbs where ever they go. They have a tiny little girl as well. She is bandaged up but just as gorgeous as her mother. Mrs. Winthrop at first thought the child may have just received a blonde gene but she learned that the little girl was in fact adopted.

"Oh God!" Was heard a lot from the other Victorian style home in the circle at the end of the road. At first Mrs.Winthrop thought the couple just had sex a lot then she realized that the couple had sex all the time and that the man was the pastor for the local Methodist church. She liked the couple regardless of their sex obsession. She knew most of the ones in the circle couldn't keep their hands off each other. Probably a good thing all the girls in the group worked at a daycare. For even this couple had a very curious child already on their hands. She was constantly running and swishing her hands through the yards.

Down on the hill from the end of the road sat the plantation house that had been Disneyfied. The tall blonde that looked a lot like the naked blonde lived there with her hunk of a husband and two little blonde girls that looked so much like their mother Mrs. Winthrop swore they were lying when they told her that the girls weren't their the tall girl's biological daughters. She loved going into that house. It always smelled heavenly and it was covered in Disney which made her feel young.

Then the biggest house in the neighborhood belonged to the most gorgeous, sexiest, stunning, charming, Italian man and his French wife. They were relatively quiet as well except in the mornings when they were working out or the husband was leaving in his sport car or on his motorcycle. Their son toddled around the yard with his plush duck in his hands a lot just plopping down wherever he felt like was a good spot. Mrs. Winthrop just smiled as she watched the wife's stomach grow. She was taking bets that it would be a boy for the couple.

Mrs.Winthrop loved this neighborhood and the people in it. She smiled as she walked across her wood flooring to call the exterminator to make sure they came out to spray for bugs. She couldn't stand the thoughts of rodents and bugs getting around her home and the ones she loved.

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