Friday, June 20, 2014

Make Me Blush..

This was my first naughty subscription box. It took some time for me to muster up the courage to order this last month and honestly? I AM SO FREAKING THRILLED I DID!

Topco Go Deep Oral Mints : These tingly fresh mints will help with the gag reflex of oral “activities."

My review: Umm yep they do ask they say! It's not a real bad numbing. I felt like I had poured Anbesol down my throat and in my mouth. My gag reflex are pretty low but this helped even more. ;)

Lucky Me Lucky You- Flavored Pleasure Towelette: These add aroma and flavor to enhance oral “activities”.

Chris's review: I prefer a natural taste but this was not bad at all. It was nice and flavorful. 

Doc Johnson Mood Lube Lubricant : This is a water based lubricant for well….you know.

Our review: We decided to try this with a toy to help stimulate me and I can say it worked well. I felt slightly greasy but it wasn't terrible. I still prefer the organic lube that we have. 

Pheromone Infused Perfume Oil by Jelique: This is designed to stimulate “appeal” and will elevate confidence and mood.

My review: Honestly? I couldn't tell a difference when we used this. Chris said it did appeal to him. Who knows if it is just a mind thing or not.

JimmyJane Indulgences: This little box is packed with goodies. This kit comes with: two Proper Attire Condoms, ICONIC BULLET Vibrator, love decoder Feather Tickler, and
Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant. The love decoder is like those paper thing you made in school, with an adult twist. 

Our review: The Love Decoder is funny. Iconic Bullet vibrator is alright. It's nothing really to get excited about though it can jump start things. The feather tickler was nice to have for some fun. We have not used condoms. Chris is still reading into those. Nor have we used the personal lubricant. 

$27.00-1 Month, $25.00/month -3 Months, $24.00/month- 6 Months, $21.00/month-1 Year

Not a bad price at all for trying out new things. I have to say it's interesting to see what we will get to try out.

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