Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 12: No More Miss Nice Girl

Seriously where the heck was this picture 2 years ago? That was my biggest pet peeve. Maybe I am a snob when it comes to a man and his car. Either make it TRUE vintage or make it big and fast.

So yes, I am discussing a few things with my ex in this post today. I have written about him before on blog. I want to change my tune this time.

I would thank you for Chris but I had met Chris long before you. So no thanks to you really, the only thing I want to say is that you pissed me off to the point I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to date a real man. So I guess in a way I get to thank you for the large diamond on my finger.

I also get to thank you for introducing me to my friends that I can say something about you and they add on to it with facts instead of friends who just nod. These are the girls that have contemplated going Carrie Underwood on your POS car. We all smile because seriously the men we found after you have all been the best thing in our lives. We could blind you with the shine coming from us and on our hands.

Thank you also for pushing me to see my real potential. My social self esteem shot higher than ever before in my life. I found my personality right after you. It makes me feel good to realize that I am not a shy quiet nerd, but instead a bold, sultry vixen.

I realized in my life I will come across obstacles but I pray to God that I never act like your or other whiny people in my life. I seen the potential my life has to be amazing and whining and being selfish is not going to get me to that goal!

And to your mother:

Thanks for lying to my future MIL, ya know the one that is going to be an awesome mother law and not a nosy bitch? Yeah her. She knew damn well you were the one that said Chris and I wouldn't last until our wedding. Oh honey you and your son should learn by now I take any negativity said about me and make it a challenge. And with Chris? I plan to burn this challenge down. I also don't care what you think about me and Chris waiting until a couple nights later. Because you know what?!?! OVER HALF of couple today do not consummate their vows on their wedding night. Don't believe me? Well thanks to my lovely future husband I have proof. And as far as what I didn't do for you realize I just didn't want you having my address. Unlike you I like my life being pretty much private. 

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