Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 6: 30 Facts About Me

  1. I love to garden but I like to have a whimsical garden and not an ordinary one.
  2. Ferris Wheel are highly romantic to me even when Chris shakes it.
  3. I compare myself to other when Chris is around me. Weird I know but I honestly do not do it when he is around.
  4. I prefer to bake over cooking.
  5. I named my brother Jackjack who is now my adoptive son, Yes I was obsessed with The Incredibles.
  6. I used to want be Britney Spears. 
  7. I even had Justin Timberlake on my walls.
  8. Warp Tour always feels amazing when I go to it!
  9. I brush my non dominant hand because it's a scientific fact that using your non dominant makes you more careful and more detailed in brushing.
  10. If I could only have two more desserts for the rest of my life it would be milkshakes and cheesecake (Ridge's preferably.)
  11. Homemade fries are way more delicious to me than me.
  12. I dip sour cream and onion potato chips into chocolate ice cream.
  13. I hate the show Storage Wars.
  14. I love regular candle but I have fake candles for emergencies.
  15. I make my own laundry detergent. $5 gets me 5 gallons. 
  16. I love dancing; I know say I get tired of it however, I love being that close to Chris.
  17. One crazy thing you would find in my house that if I died you would have a hard time explaining would be flip flops in the freezer.
  18. I have stripped at a bar before. No we do not need the details of that.
  19. I have part ownership of a bowling alley.
  20. I can tie knots in cherries stems with my tongue.
  21. Now that I can do them vertical sit ups are my favorite
  22. I have been listening to Engima way before 50 Shades Grey mentioned it.
  23. I hate when people turn house lights on during the day. Seriously the sun isn't good enough for you!?!
  24. I have 7 different dress forms. I plan out my outfits on each one.
  25. Assuming things about me is a quick way to piss me off. That's one thing I'm not laid back on.
  26. I have gotten away from crazy make up and have started more neutral looks.
  27. You touch my future husband or my child in a way I don't approve trust me heaven is where you praying you will end because you'll be living in hell.
  28. I would prefer winter year round. 
  29. I love to make adult popsicles.
  30. When I start having nightmares I place an icepack on my back and go to sleep. No more nightmares.

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