Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 7: Family Isn't Always Blood.

Part of me wants to write about all of my siblings and family members. I love my blood family dearly. My dad is an amazing man with faults. They tell me my mother was a Saint. My older brothers were my rock and shields for many years. Charlotte was my best friend until the day she died. And my baby brothers? I miss them, except for two of them.

Why don't I miss those two? Well one of them my cousin Viv is raising though right now with all she is going through my dad has him. And the other one has become my son. Jackjack will be mine legally in October.

Bridgitte is the cousin that I grew up with all of my life. We traveled the world together. Anything we wanted to do we did it during the school breaks.

And my family now?

Chris is one heck of a husband! He provides well for me and Jackjack. We are already a perfect little family.

Mary Ann is an amazing sister in-law already.

Frankie is so sweet and caring.

To all of the rest of you who I spend all of my time talking to you and hanging out with you know I love you more than my own blood.

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