Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Best Friend

She didn't like me to begin with and I felt so insecure around her. Now she jumps on my back and I give her help with her make-up.

Mary Ann scared the hell out of me the first day at my new job. I barely spoke and I let the kids walk all over me. She point blank stood in the teacher's lounge and told me I would last long. Her perfectly even French manicure with sparkle line across it and 5 inch heels scared me.

Then my fourth day on the job I saw her wounds and scars and I halted her that day. She looked completely different. She looks scared and in that instance things changed. She started talking to me more and more. I started telling her everything about me. We would pile up in the lounge in the afternoons and talk and goof off as long as Madame said it was okay. We would write letters to parents and then talk about our lives.

She introduced me to a whole new world of make up besides vintage. She taught me how to make more and more daily looks that were inspired by vintage but wasn't completely vintage. She expanded my wardrobe giving me things she no longer wanted or needed.

We were joined at the hip after that. We have our ups and downs. She annoys me and I annoy her. But we have each other's back in an instant no matter the circumstances. Heck our significant others are even twins. So we will be sisters soon.

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