Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 13: Dreams Come True

I am extremely lucky. There is no denying that. My first date with Chris made me positive I was going to marry him or dang well die while trying to marry him. (A Rose For Emily, anyone? Sorry.)

I am not that desperate, and I don't have to be. Dates with Chris are truly something to behold.

First date with wine, cheeses, meats, and fruit in the woods watching the sun go down in his vintage car.
Second date was a drive in movie dressed in vintage clothing and dancing. That is still my favorite date.

I love our bowling dates because he is so cute when he bowls. He does this little wiggle and I just love it.

I have two dates that haven't happened yet though.

One is simple; I want to have the same meal we had on our first date inside our garden we have. I love the swing and the cobblestone paths. Just stay there all night talking and eating.

My other one of course is to go to Viva Weekend. Or a vintage weekend ordeal. Or a WWII party would be awesome as well.

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