Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Favorites

I am excited I have always wanted to do favorites before but never really had the chance or the time to do so this month it's officially happening. It's also been exactly two years since I started this blog! How awesome is that? I am so honored by all of the support!

Make Up Favorites:

Lip Venom Haute Chocolate - Vanilla - I have really really enjoyed this. I always enjoy Lip Venom products. I feel like they really know how to make lips look sultry. Plus they always taste amazing (if that matter to you!)

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss - I love this gloss she has come out with! Tanya Burr is UK blogger. Yes it took the gloss three weeks to arrive at my doorstep but it was well worth it. I love the shades I got Vampire Kiss and Champagne toast! 

Isla Sirena by DuWop Sea Shell Compact Eye Dual - I have been obsessed with Mystic Waters and Greedy. Mystic waters is a perfect pool or beach color since the colors a are pale coral with shimmer and aqua green color with shimmer. The Greedy compact is my favorite though I love the moss green that is super pigmented paired with the deep plum beside it. Great products!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer - I love this. I never worry about it looking too crazy or too dark. It lasts all day long. With or without setting spray. I just take a Sigma F40 to apply it and it goes on like a dream. I also like their matte water one. I did try the Too Face with the whole chocolate thing bronzer and I just didn't like the texture to me it was too chalky.

Skincare Favorites:

Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment - I cannot believe I paid this for a jar that is smaller than my deodorant but hey it works and it works amazing too. I do really enjoy using this because I have really noticed it pulling the leftover make up that my facial brush and that my old cleanser misses in my pores.

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser - I have really enjoyed this. I feel like it cleanses better than my old cleanser. This is a great cleanser. I really do feel like it lifts my face and makes it less dull. I am so excited about this product. 

Bioderma Crealine H2o Cleanser - I love this stuff. It is the best cleansing water on the planet. I refuse to use anything else now. I had been using a different cleansing water but I finally tried this and I refuse to go back to anything now.

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains For Face - I was skeptical of using this. Chris suggest I use it. I use this in addiction to my Michael Todd exfoliating facial scrub and I think I do see more life to my skin.

Josie Mara 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Light - I was really really weary of using an oil on my face but this is amazing stuff and I am super glad that I got the light because I think the original might be a little too heavy. I like that it takes off the rough patches.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream+ Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face - I have been on my honeymoon in Florida and I needed sun protection and making sure I didn't turn into a lobster for my husband. 

Body Favorites:  

Polyjuice Potion Sugar Scrub - I cannot get enough of this smell (or the name) and I was so excited to see it in the scrub this time! 

Polyjuice Potion Body Wash - I figured why not get the body wash as well. There was a deal to get the scrub and the wash together for a lower price. 

Snap with Embrace Razor from Gilette Venus - I know +Jessica used this in her favorites and I know +Hunter plans to as well add it to hers. It is just so amazing no more buying travel razors or worrying about taking my razor and leaving it. This is just awesome! I love the size, comfort and close shave!

Hair Favorites:

Blow Pro Blow Out Spray Serious Non-Stick Hairspray - This is an amazing hairspray! I don't feel like I should be hanging up in a garden somewhere scaring birds away with how my hair feels. This makes it stay and not straw.

Oudad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel - Um I'm in Florida and this has been a lifesaver! I love this stuff 100%! Humidity is usually what kills my hairstyles. 

Food Favorites:

Krave Grilled Sweet Teriyaki Pork Jerky - Chris and I both love Krave jerkys but this is our favorite at the moment. It tastes so good for an afternoon pick me up snack.

Ossau Iraty - Delicious! I love these cheese! It reminds me of being back in France during the fall while sipping cinder. 

Awkward Favorites:

Yes water-based Organic Lubricant - Sometimes you just need a little extra glide after a few times of rolling in the sheets. I love that this is organic and not putting some kind of chemicals and dyes inside me or on him.

Riding Crop 26" with Rubber Grip Handle - This is very whippy. It's small and can get to an specific area that's small. It's not very bendable.

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