Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 21: Let Me See That Thong

Getting ready to go work on an outdoor event and I started getting dressed. Yes I realize it's a cool day for spring in Alabama, but I wanted to be comfortable because I knew I would sweat. So I put on cheerleading shorts and tank top. Enter Chris.

"You are not wearing those shorts."

My inner Goddess and subconscious is still sore and shocked from last night to acknowledge what I am having to listen. I went on putting on my socks. He kept right on looking at me. I just grinned at him and bent over. I know they show a little bit of butt. But I am married woman now. It's allowed.

He tries to pin me to the door and give his famous glare but I reached up and kissed him really deeply. Which resulted in me having to change into a tshirt unless I wanted the kids at packet pick up to see my hickey.

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