Monday, May 5, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 16: It's In Print

I am in Paris writing this and I am already crying with just the first few words. I can finally write this. Our wedding is this year. It is in black and white, well actually in crimson, black, and gold. I, Odette Molyneux, am getting married! Never in all of my life would I believe I would be so overcome with joy about walking a measly 30 feet to someone. Though, never in my life did I expect to fall in love an Italian guy over and over.

I am overwhelmed with love from him all the time. I know he doesn't stray from me and with his good looks that is truly amazing. This puny girl who lived a life of geeky nerdiness and Harry Potter has attracted one of the most blessed gorgeously blessed creatures on this planet. Sometimes I swear I could be pregnant off of his smile and laugh.

All of these crazy amazing feelings will never go away even after I walk down that aisle because he won't let them go away. He will spend the rest of his life trying to surprise me and that makes me smile more than any flowers or stuffed animal ever could. Because at the end of it it's not the gift but the amount of time he spent thinking about me. He could say he thought about me all day but having the surprises lets me know he really means it.

The best thing is seeing the date and our names in print on 400 invitations.

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