Saturday, May 24, 2014

Together We Are Kicking the Bucket


Chris and I are known for our bucket list but we have forever now and that isn't long enough for us.
Today has been amazing for us. It felt amazing being his wife because I still blush at the sight of him in a tank top or even shirtless. Yes, yes it's been two years of dating and countless trips and nights where I have seen him shirtless. But he is ripped and the world knows it there for I will continue to blush. Anyhow we are going take over the world one goal at a time together. And this is just Part 1. As we grow and complete this list I am sure Part 2 will surface.

  1. Be the couple everyone is jealous of. For the record Chris says this is ongoing goal.
  2. An hour of naked time together a day.
  3. Write a book about God and dating together and have it published.
  4. Play naked Twister. 
  5. Do a couple's journal.
  6. Gondola ride. Seriously how many times have we been in Italy together and not done this?
  7. Help pursue each other's dreams. Technically we have and will continue to do this as our dreams change and evolve over time.
  8. Food Passport! We will write down 50 local places we've never been and then visit one per week for the year as a date.
  9. Make out with pop rocks in our mouths.
  10. Run the Grand Canyon in a day together.
  11. Carve our names into a tree.
  12. Bury each other in the sand.
  13. Beat him at a thumb war.
  14. Spend the afternoon having Mario Kart Tournament.
  15. Candle lit bath
  16. Disney dates
  17. Let go of 100 balloons filled each filled with a Bible verse inside.
  18. Go on mission trips together
  19. Give Odette rainbow roses.
  20. Stomp on grapes and make our own wine.
  21. Knock him down unexpectedly down in the front yard and tickle him.
  22. Get revenge on her for the above goal.
  23. More PDA.
  24. Stand on the equator together.
  25. Be on all 7 continents together.
  26. Play baseball together.
  27. Make love on six different continents. 
  28. Do a fitness challenge together
  29. Go on a dark date. (This has always been an interesting idea to me.)
  30. Make our own sex tape. Yes we went there
  31. French kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower.
  32. Stroll through New York while it's snowing
  33. Go on a flea market date.
  34. Sing Karaoke together and publicly (not at church)
  35. Dress up as Derek and Odette and go around town.
  36. Eat spaghetti without utensils.
  37. Play Cranium together while eating candy
  38. Ride the tallest roller coaster.
  39. Ride the tallest drop ride
  40. Christmas movie marathon on July 25
  41. Try hot yoga
  42. Play Super Nintendo all day
  43. Read all day together.
  44. Going roller skating.
  45. Take a week long road trip.
  46. Shave each other.
  47. Dance on his feet in the kitchen. 
  48. Build a fort out of boxes and blankets.
  49. Buy land in Washington State.
  50. Have a Happy 50th Wedding anniversary... See you soon 2064! 
  51. Visit all 50 States together. 
  52. Be caught on the kiss cam
  53. Go skinny dipping
  54. Build a huge fort out of legos
  55. Matching pajamas!!!
  56. Dance down the road
  57. Scream from a mountain top how much we love each other.
  58. Go cliff diving together.
  59. Spend a week on a houseboat.
  60. Go sailing
  61. Kiss while skydiving
  62. Get matching underwear.
  63. Pick out each other's clothes for a week.
  64. Watch 26 movies in 26 days, each starting with a letter from the
  65. Build a cottage the New England coast.
  66. Going skiing together.
  67. Do the Husband does my make-up Challenge
  68. Do the vice versa from above.
  69. Play in a sandbox together.
  70. Join the mile high club.
  71. Play naked hide and go seek in the dark.
  72. Learn to spin plates together.
  73. Spider swing on many playgrounds and parks.
  74. Paint or draw each other naked.
  75. Renew our vows at Disney World for our 20th anniversary.
  76. Either learn a new language together or strengthen our other languages together.
  77. Have a year where each month is themed "Titanic" "Egypt" "Dr. Seuss" 
  78. Try and break a Guinness record together.
  79. Visit all the Wonders of the World.
  80. Go to the Olympics together
  81. Go back to the place where we had our first kiss and make out.
  82. Craft things together for the house or for gifts.
  83. Go on a couples retreat with church.
  84. Attend a retirement seminar and plan accordingly.
  85. Once every six months read a book separately then discuss it over coffee.
  86. Do things backwards... Wake up at night and start the day there by going to IHOP.
  87. Go to a war memorial together.
  88. Trace our families to see our family come together.
  89. Take photography classes together so we always have awesome family photos.
  90. Take a helicopter ride together over volcanoes. 
  91. Play bossaball.
  92. Go to La Tomatina
  93. Ride a cable car.
  94. Prepare our wills.
  95. Create a family crest and use it.
  96. Go shopping on Rodeo Drive.
  97. Pray together every morning before we get out of bed.
  98. Give Jackjack 8 siblings.
  99. Create a family take over list.
  100. Grow old together but stay young.

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