Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 22: Future

What if today was my last day?

That is a thought I think almost daily. It's that thought makes me want to check on everyone in my life. I usually do is what is bad. I guess it's the big heart in me, because of the thought of dying and someone never knowing how I felt about them makes me extremely sad.

I want to make sure that people know I love and care about them. Yes you all can piss me off but I still love you all to death. You may not deserve it but that doesn't stop me.

Besides making sure everyone knows I love them. I try to pray for everyone as well. Even the ones that seem strong because Lord knows that they need strength and guidance like I do.

I try to do something new or different every day as well. Sometimes I do forget but I do try to do something new almost every single day.

And now I am going to shock everyone with the next blog so stay tuned.

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